Saturday, March 31, 2012

Another random update

It was great chatting with Bong Boy after ages. And soon after that, I got to chat with M as well. That was a double treat. Just chatting and discussing mindless random stuff, discovering that we shared the same taste in yet another thing, and laughing over some of our memories made me feel good, much much better than I'd felt in a while.

M&I tried the video chatting, but I was starting to doze off. And she suddenly told me, "Hey, I can see a beach. And a parachute". I looked all around myself, but I could find neither beach nor parachute in my hostel room. Not even in some poster on the walls... And all I could see was her daughter's photo. Then Google very kindly informed us that there was some error. It is finally dawning on me that we were seeing each other's display photos.

To offset our disappointment, we made plans of having DBC at Corner House the next time we met. I don't know why, but this DBC has been coming into my mind quite often of late. Not that M&I haven't eaten out at other places. Why, once we even drank a soft drink that she continues to refer to as "that yellow liquid which came from a fountain" (Did she almost smell it before gingerly (& bravely) taking a sip? Or was it just resignation to fate. Especially after the weird looks we got from the people near the counter... )

Anyway, that was one of the best times I had in the recent past.

And today was also quite good, especially with the William books I was reading (I'm still laughing), and the dinner I had with my aunt and cousins. Oh, also my cooking turned out to be very delicious. I didn't even have to taste the dishes and "rectify" them. That good!

On that note of modesty, I take leave now. Bon weekend, folks!

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