Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The science behind the Leak???

It's been so long since I posted something... The reason being an inherent laziness :)

Now moving on to a serious question (!!!) that has been plaguing me ... why do men piss on the roads / walls ???

Everyday during my bus trips (and even walks to and from the bus-stop and elsewhere), I find the roads literally filled with men attending to their "business". In full view of the public... Standing. Sometimes sitting. With their bikes/scooters parked nearby. (This is often depicted in the movies, where the hero takes a cycle or a bike while chasing the villains, as the owner of the cycle/bike has just gone down to take a leak!!!)

Especially in major bus-stops, where people cannot stand (the stench) while waiting for the bus. But have to...(I'm no yogi, can't hold my breath forever. When I finally do have to take in some air, well, I don't want to describe it)...

Open highways are another thing. Maybe it's a sense of having done some personal civic duty by "watering" the plants and trees lining the roads... (Mineral water???)

The irony is that when there is public toilet nearby, you find more people outside than within .... Saving a rupee to contribute to the economy of the nation???

I never could understand the reason behind this. Saving the water which you use at home??? (I came across an article which claimed that a large amount of water is saved by pissing in the open ... But please do spare a thought to the others who have to bear the sight and stench, without wanting to... Ugh!!!)Or do the open spaces and walls ask you to "water" them??? Or just reluctance to walk the few steps leading to public loo? Or "it's open, it is free, I get to see more out in the open than behind a door"???

Most walls aren't spared either... Except for the few buildings which have a guard outside, or if it's an "important" building. It's pathetic when you have to resort to painting your walls with "Plese don't pas urin here" and putting some religious symbols underneath (here, the clever secular people paint symbols of all major religions, so no-one can claim it's not their God's property!!!)

Why???? Oh why???

I know that not all men do this, but well, next time you travel (not necessrily by bus, be it on your bike/car or an auto, just take a look outside (though not if you're driving!!)... The odds are, you can travel for about 5 minutes without coming across any of the above-mentioned... (I'm assuming you use the general public roads)

Alas, I have another trip to make in a while :(


  1. extremely controversial. Why are you so jealous about men's own rights? Why should girls have all the fun?! ;)

  2. Girls have fun??? :) You think the sight (or the stench) is fun?? I never realized that the Constitution provided men with the Right to Piss (whenever, wherever) :) No jealousy here, just a hope for my Right to Fresh air :)

  3. haha. you are correct for sure. many cities have improved, i don't know why hyd is suffering so badly from it !. N to avoid that 1 rs thinggy, govt had made urinals free. they don't charge for it. but at times it is so bad inside, that men too have to say this, "where is my right to fresh air " :)

  4. I din't know that Right to Fresh Air has been amended to the books. Well, if that's the scientific reason behinds the roadside leak's, ae we following the other constitutional amendments @ app times..
    Sorry, if i was harsh
    (Experience pays)