Wednesday, November 21, 2012


And so, I was telling my mother about my dream, where we were waiting for a buffet, and in the meanwhile had gone to another restaurant to have 'something light before lunch' (and hence she ordered coffee while i had idlies!). I told her that I'd woken up just before our food arrived. And she told me, "See, that's why we should have gone to a smaller restaurant. The service would have been much quicker"

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lucky me!

I asked a friend, "Why were you born?", and he replied, "To answer your questions, apparently".

Lucky, aren't I?

(P.S. I've now been stuck with a couple of Spanish songs on repeat mode in my head, with a German and a French one also joining the loop! I'd appreciate a break...really!)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Realizations , memories and some random stuff

Last afternoon, I cleaned my cupboard - a task which has been pending for a really long time. By 'cleaned', I mean that I did take everything out, sort them a bit, then put almost everything back, including the junk. This time round, though, I did finally manage to do something I've been wanting to do - get rid of some old junk - bus tickets from when I was in school, chocolate wrappers (stored in memory of people I've now forgotten!), scribbled notes and journal entries...
And the actual 'cleaning' never did happen, only, I put my things back in a semblance of order :)

Anyway, while browsing through my stuff, I came across some old photos, notes from friends, 'poems' I'd written, and many journal entries and logs of messages from friends I'd preserved, for what, I don't know... Anyway, I had a lot of fun wading through the stuff, and made some observations.

- I was one crazy girl back then! (I still am, for that matter...)
- I'd written down things that I don't even remember hearing...
- Who said what seems to have been extremely important to me.
- Who wore what seems to have been even more important, almost as important as who sat next to me, and where we were sitting in the classroom.
- Even assignment deadlines were important and worth remembering!!!
- I was in a complete M&B-Danielle Steele phase. Why, some of my entries made me cringe!
- I'd written some poems, reading which made me shudder - I dared not look beyond the first line of most of them...
- I seem to have been extremely fond of analyzing things, especially people's words. Sample this:"He asked me why I hadn't mailed him for so long. What could he mean? What could he possibly WANT???" Well, you get the drift...
- I'd wanted almost as many careers as William Brown,, including being a graphologist or a forensic scientist.
- I'd received advice from PK, who happened to be a friend of MS - and advice about what, you ask? Well, PK was telling me not to hesitate, and go ahead and tell a person I 'liked' him. Incidentally, this 'liked' person was someone MS used to drool over. :) How movie-like!
- Talking of movies, I found the tickets to a couple of movies I'd seen with my friends - the first time we bunked class for a movie, my friend assumed that the khaki-uniformed students were actually policemen come to arrest us for having bunked a class for a movie :D
- As a little kid, I seemed to come up only till my brother's knees if I were sitting down, and till his elbows if I stood up. And boy, was I chubby!!! :)
- There was a photo in which my brother had turned slightly away from me - my father says that I seem to have terrorized him even at that age :)

And a whole lot more. I found some entries that I dare not let anyone else see... :P

I spent last evening calling people and telling them, "Hey, I found this. Do you remember...? I still have..." I even spoke to people I'd not spoken to in months, and in one case, years...

I had a conversation with a senior from the university, and we spoke for a long time - I told him that I missed the Anjaneyar kovil pongal I got to have more of, as I met him at a temple one day. He told me to call him next time I was in town, and said that we should definitely meet. He even offered me help with my project, if needed... I told him that puliyodharai would be fine too, but let's see... I shouldn't go on like this - it's making me hungry...

I also spoke to a senior from school, and it was fun chatting with him - we haven't met in nearly a decade, but we're still in touch (though he's not in touch with M, who introduced us!). Our recent conversations had been reduced to "Are you watching the match?", "What's the score?" and "What are your team's chances", so it was fun talking to him after all this while. I was afraid that we wouldn't be able to actually carry on a conversation, but my fears seemed to have been unfounded :)

I chatted with another old friend from my French class. We had a good laugh over some of our memories. DC was telling me he'd have loved to see the journal entries, I told him I'd destroyed some of them, and most of them would have to be censored :) It's funny how we've managed to remain friends after nearly 8 years, especially given the situation back then - I had a crush on his friend SD, who seemed to reciprocate. Some M&B-type dialogues later, the scene has changed, and DC is my friend...

This morning, M called me with some splendid news. I'd have enjoyed our conversation even more, if it hadn't been for the constant honking of the buses, and the curious stares of some of the people around me...

Anyway, this morning RS sent me a supernatural reminder that I should do the work he'd given me - actually, I can't find RS' hand in the incident. What actually happened was that I was trying to move some chairs, and as my laptop was open, I was trying to be extremely careful, with the end result that a white board fell on my head, and I could put neither chair nor board down! I finally managed the task I'd set out to do, but as the board which had fallen had RS' equations on it, I'm holding him responsible. And one of the chairs I'd been trying to move was his, which makes him guiltier...

I should leave now - I'm yet to recover fully from having a whiteboard fall on my head!