Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Of dreams, dream-like reality and reality

I'm left wondering at what is happening to (and with!) me these days.

First, there was this dream, where there was some guy sitting on my bed in the hostel, asking me if I'd received the book my friend said he was sending. (Even in my dream, I was wondering how the security guard had let him enter the ladies' hostel.) Then, he and my roomie, SM started chattering away, and I was just standing there like some statue in the background (now, that is not far from reality!), while these two continued their conversation. And finally, just as I'm leaving the room, the guy was saying that there was a book whose name had a farm in it, and I said, 'Animal farm'. But he said it wasn't, but there was an 'academic' in it, 'Academic farm', and SM agreed with him. I was left wondering if I was indeed that dumb. I woke up laughing at this point, and so have no idea what happened next.

Then, today, we'd gone for tea. SM has been pulling my leg and telling me that she'd 're-introduce' me to SD, and I could take off from there. She also keeps reminding me not to go mute after being introduced, re-introduced, rather. But SD wasn't around today, but thankfully, there was a substitute from the eye-candy department. And poor fellow must have been embarrassed by all the attention he was getting :)

I was telling SM she could write about introductions and re-introductions and playing Cupid, but she doesn't want to. It's one of those bizarre cases of mistaken priorities. She thinks writing her thesis is more important than writing on her blog. God save her!

Speaking off all this, AG accuses me of being a (serial) heart-breaker, just because I get some extra food sometimes when I get it packed at these places on campus. ('Too much love, man', to quote her.) Well, (un)fortunately, something similar happened outside the campus too. I still deny these baseless allegations.

Speaking of which reminds me, I actually got the chance to 'issue a denial', the way all celebs seem to be doing these days, I told SM lines like, 'I don't want to put a label to our relationship' and 'We're just friends'. Unfortunately, I couldn't spout more drivel as I was affected by an attack of uncontrollable laughter. I don't really remember the context anymore, but I remember that I did get an opportunity to utter these inanities (is that the word I'm looking for? I need a Jeeves to supply me with the words I'm looking for, when I'm looking for them)

I remember writing about German songs playing in my head, especially when I go to meet my guide, today was (or could have been) worse - I'd been listening to some Tamil songs, ones I'd heard when I was in school/college (having reserved the German and Finnish ones for the evening, after having met my guide). One of them had some English lines in between, like 'Will you be mine? - No, no, I won't', and I had to remind myself not to actually sing it out loud to my guide :D

And I was just telling SM how I drift off, and she said she was well aware of it. Being my friend, she's been inflicted by (or is it with? Oh my! I'm forgetting my English and all my prepositions...) my company for long enough. :)

I've been thinking about how I think I should do something, and then think I've actually done it, just because I thought I should. If that makes sense.

It's now time to leave, thanks to a heavy dinner and heavier eyelids...