Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What I forgot in my last post

I just realized that I'd forgotten to mention a couple of things in my last post. So here goes :

- For once, instead of reading during my dinner, I ended up being on the phone through most of my dinner...

- During the conversation where M called me 'greedy', he also asked who A was. I told him who A was, and added that he'd have seen him in the lab. (In case that's ambiguous, as a certain Mr. K claimed the titles of the papers I was reading were (maybe this is ambiguous as well, is it, K?), the he here is M, and the him is A.) (Maybe I was better off without making this clarification). Anyway, the point I was getting to was that M then said, "Oh, the chocolate boy!" So I asked M what he was, if A was a 'chocolate boy'. He claimed he was a 'brat'. :)

- My paths crossed with those of A Boy. More than once that night... I was just walking around, taking a short break before A's band came on, and thought I might as well get some water now that I was taking a walk. So I came towards my building, and who should come in the opposite direction but A Boy! Much as I'd like to say something like,"our eyes met, and there was a spark", or, "there seemed to be something in the air when our eyes met" (which in this case would have been dust, especially from the crowds walking to and from the ground nearby), in reality, the only thing that happened was that I realized I had to get back soon, and we both continued walking in our respective directions. (Why does this line make me remember Newton's I law?)

And then when I returned, I crossed a group of people dancing, and no prizes for guessing whom I saw in the group. I did get to watch the dance once more, as the group went to the front, passing by where I was sitting with M shortly before he left. (&where N found me later)

- It was also the evening where I think some of my community people finally wrote me off, as I was roaming about with a bottle in one hand, & Patrick French's India-a portrait in the other, saying it was something I'd been reading on the bus.

- It was also the evening when I realized that I'd been seeing A's photo on many posters for quite a long time, without it actually registering in my mind.

I can put more mokkai, but I think I'll stop now and blunten(?) (what's the opposite of sharpen?) my blade for another day :D *

(* - the Tanglish effect, sorry!

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