Thursday, March 15, 2012


I can totally relate to this.

"People who were not close before seem to be closer and people who were very close might seem to be strangers." 

At times, it's sad. At times, terrifying.

But then, that's life. We move on. We learn to take things in stride. We forget. Sometimes, we forgive.

Ah, let me end this post before it gets worse - I'm relearning the fact that nothing is as it seems, and there are very few people whom you grow with - the rest, either you drift out of their lives, or they out of yours.

So, here's to rediscovering myself. And realizing who my friends are!


  1. Thanks for quoting me, Suchitra.
    You can't fathom my joy for being quoted. I was just a little angry with some people and Blog seem to be the only way to let my anger go!
    I can agree to the fact that nothis is what it seems and we need to reassess our priorities about the people around us.

  2. I wanted to comment on your post, but then thought I'd have my say here :) And maybe I should thank you for putting into words something that I had on my mind as well.

    I wanted to write a longer post, but some other time,maybe.

    Hope the storm clouds on your horizon pass on soon enough...