Saturday, March 24, 2012

At the Rock Show

I had plans of attending the Rock Show which was part of our Cultural Fest going on at the moment. I didn't have much plans of attending the others, and a bad stomach ensured that I slept through most of it. But the Rock event was one thing I definitely wanted to attend. And when my friend K reminded me that A's band was playing, I decided I wouldn't miss it for the world...

Many of the people in my class don't share my taste in music, and prefer old hindi songs. (My taste in music does not run to very slow songs or high pitched singing.) Last year, I ended up missing half the concert owing to my then-friends. But this year, I decided I would be there as long as I liked the music.

And so, when I reached campus, it was around 7 P.M., and on calling some people, I came to know that some play was being staged, which would last for a while more. I met a couple of my friends, and one of them came with me to our lab. We got back and the play was still on, so I went to have my dinner. The play was still on when I came back after my dinner, and someone told me it would last at least half an hour more. So, I went back to my room, finished the next chapter of the book I was reading (India -  a portrait by Patrick French). And when I came back, the play had ended.

Or so I thought. They'd just started the credits and speeches, which went on till nearly 10:15 P.M. By then, I was almost running out of patience.

Finally, the stage was being readied for what I'd come there for... I was sitting next to a group of Math students, and their constant chatter provided me some entertainment. There was a group of students standing before us, but when we asked them to sit down, they asked us to come and stand with them.

By then, my friend MK was also there, and he managed to locate me thanks to the clear description I'd given of where I was. We chatted a bit, and then he told me I was greedy for wanting him to sponsor my drum kit as well as a bass guitar. I asked him if he couldn't donate that much to save a friend's life, but he stuck to his POV...

The bands came on at last. I was busy watching the drummers and took breaks by watching the finger-work of the guitarists. 

I took a break and went for a short walk, and when I came back, A's band was still on. MK, who'd been to meet some other friends, was back, and I sat with him for a few minutes, by which time he was ready to leave. I continued sitting there, when my other friend N came there. She asked me why I was there by myself, I said that the others didn't like this kind of music. 

When A's band came on, she came back to me, and I went with her to stand quite close to the stage where I got a splendid view of the band, especially the drummer :)

I enjoyed the show they'd put on, and went back to my room shortly after it ended, around 2:15 A.M.

It didn't matter if my friends weren't there with me, I was good enough company for myself. It felt good to sit there without having to worry if my friends were getting bored, or if I had to leave with them when they wanted to. I was there on my terms. I wanted to catch some music, and watch the drummers in action. Which was what I did. I never felt lonely being there on my own. 

Am looking forward to the day (hopefully very soon) when I'll have my own drum kit, and maybe a bass guitar too...

(P.S. Thanks to N for digging out a beautiful T-shirt with my university logo on it for me)

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