Friday, October 28, 2011

A brief update

If only I'd known that "today's gonna be the day"...

As I was cycling down to the lab, it struck me that my cycle was sounding like a 50cc version of a Bullet. The screws on the basket were a bit loose, and even on smooth roads, it sounded as if my cycle's teeth had started chattering.

But finally, I got the screws tightened today, after having postponed it for a very long time. Alas, my cycle no longer sounds Bullet-like, 50cc or not. :(

But there is one consolation. The chains (still) need oiling, and my cycle now groans as if it had joint pain. It doesn't sound half as pleasant as the Bullet-like sound, but still, it is some sound.

As I wrote earlier, one man's noise is another's song... And so,my cycle is musical. It composes Metal songs. :)

Maybe I should do a Brigitte to promote my musical cycle ;)

I think it's high time my cycle got a new name. Like Mentallica? Suggestions welcome :)

Adios, folks!

(P.S. On an unrelated note, I got another darshan while I was having dinner, and later when I was returning - it kinda made me think of my 'willpower' & how strong it was to have brought him there ;) )

Open letter to a boy

Dear whoever-you-are,

I knew it was you I saw on the way to my music class. I'd been wondering if I'd get a darshan of you today. It was one of the thingsI was thinking about as I was cycling to the gate, with 'Enter Sandman' playing in the background in my mind.

You gave me a shock when you came into my view, and for a moment I was tempted to stop and smell the roses... I mean, stop and take a second look, well, you get my drift... But I was too much under the influence of Metallica's beats to bring myself to stop. I must confess that on nearing the gate I did wonder if I should have stopped and had some tea. But I consoled myself and crossed the road to reach the bus-stop. I looked at the time, and decided that I'd wait for ten more minutes, as the thought crossed my mind that you'd also be coming there for a cup of chai. I'd just about given up on you, when you came. It was the first time that I saw you with a backpack instead of your usual red bag. And just as I'd guessed, you got yourself some chai and sat down there. I thought of having some tea myself, but decided not to, so I boarded the next bus. And turned to look out of the window, past the man sitting next to it, to get yet another glimpse of you.

Well, I don't know who you are. I don't know your name, or what you're doing. But I do know that we have quite a few mutual friends. My best friend knows about you. In fact, you've been given the English version of Torres' nickname ;)

Last week, during a crazy chat with my best friend, she told me that everyone loves me. Including you. I wanted to confirm it with you the next day. But though I saw you then, I didn't think it would give you the joy of your life to have someone you don't even know come and ask you, "My best friend says you love me. Is it true?" Not exactly the best way to create a good impression, or the best way to start a conversation. It might have put you in a bit of a spot, as they say, what with noblesse oblige and all that; as PGW might say. Anyway, if you've read an M&B(one or a few, it doesn't matter, as most things are maintained constant), then you'd probably have experienced 'an electric chill up your spine', or been 'intensely aware' of me :P

"And now it's time to go..."

Maybe I'll see you again tomorrow, or maybe not. Maybe we'll get introduced someday. Again, maybe not. Well, it doesn't matter so much...

"I got a feeling so strong,
Maybe someday,
our roads will cross"...

Until then,

(and if you don't, then so be it :P 'It just don't matter now')

(Special note for M. : this is a letter to a boy. Not A-boy. Or A-Boy (though you call him A-something-else. Those are more private communications, you know ;) )

Monday, October 24, 2011

Back... (or so it seems!)

It's been a long while since I wrote here, and even my one loyal reader commented on it. So, here goes...

In the while I've been absent here, I've grown older by an year :) 

I'd invited some friends for lunch, and they decided that a birthday celebration wasn't complete without a cake.

Post lunch, I was going back to the library (which has become my new haunt, followed closely by the SSB canteen). I was almost at the lawns, when my friend called me, and said that my supervisor was asking for me. I told her I'd meet him the next day, and she kept on and on about how he was asking where I was, I finally had to go back to my department. It was only when I was almost there that I saw them sitting with a cake in the lawns in front of the building.

The cake was yummy. And when I cut the cake, I cut a piece such that it had both the 'B' of the the birthday and the 'S' of my name, and felt really happy. For those not in the know, B is the name of my first crush :) I had quite a bit of the cake, and much of the cream ended up being smeared on my face. Like a friend remarked, I did get a good facial :) (I must confess that I was secretly worried that the scent of chocolate on my face would attract mosquitoes, but thankfully that didn't happen).

Thanks A, A, J, K, M, N, S, R, S, V for making it a memorable birthday for me.

And yes, I also discovered that my music teacher and I share birthdays :)

Dinner with PM, followed by a meeting with another friend made a nice end to the day. And as I managed to stay awake till midnight, I must say that I 'made the most of the day'!

I was in Mumbai over the weekend. Thane, actually. We went by train, and it was really funny when a lady came and sat next to me, and kept her bag beside her. I usually detest putting my bag on the compartment floor, and it looked like there was someone else like me. But alas, when night came, her bag went down, while mine remained up... Alas... So much for thinking she was like me...

Returned by an IndiGo flight, which is another thing I must talk about. We'd reached the airport by 5 P.M. though our flight was scheduled to leave only at 8P.M. What with everyone talking about the Mumbai traffic, we ended up reaching much earlier than expected.

I had a window seat (we actually had 3 seats, of which I'd been alloted the middle one, but I just declared that I wanted a window seat, which left my parents no choice!). The view was lovely. My seat was along the wing, and I liked that too. The airlines had a catalogue, and I spent quite some time poring over it. We had potato sticks which tasted quite good.

The time passed with me trying to distract myself from thinking of every accident I'd read about! And, when we were close to landing, my ears got blocked. I could make out that my parents were asking me something, so I pointed to my ears and mimed that I couldn't hear what they were saying. I wanted to get some cotton to plug my ears with, but the air hostesses didn't have any cotton. Instead we were given some tissues, which we tore and rolled and plugged into our ears. The rolled tissues reminded me of the bullets that always just whizz past the hero in slow motion in the movies. I tried to look outside the window, and consciously avoided my reflection which I could see if I tried. I must have looked a sight!

On coming out of the airport, I had a chocolate coffee. It sounded good, and as I love chocolate and coffee, I got it. It turned out to be horrible. I spent a couple of hours trying to get the taste out of my mouth. Even now, I can remember the taste, and it makes me wonder why I had ever tasted something like it.
The cool night air on our way back home was awesome. I almost hung out of the window. The city looked different at that time of night, especially on a Sunday.

And despite my best intentions, I overslept as usual. So began my Monday morning.

So, the week has officially begun, and there's loads to do.

First on my agenda : go and see what's for dinner.

I'd better end this post and leave before the rumble in my stomach grows louder...

(P.S. : One reason why I didn't write earlier was that this blog is my happy place, and my thoughts weren't exactly as happy as I'd have liked. Anyway, looks like I'm back. So, rejoice. Or go bang your head against the wall. )