Sunday, August 14, 2011

Multi-tasking Mishaps

I just remembered certain mishaps incidents that happened, especially at times when I was on my cycle.
Once, as I neared the gate to the parking lot, I thought that for once, I should ride my cycle till the cycle shed, instead of getting down near the gate and walking like I usually do.

I planned my strategy accordingly - I'd slow down near the gate, go slowly down and the slope, make a graceful turn and ride straight till the shed, where I'd put my cycle properly in place.

Alas... So much for my planning. What actually happened was that I ended up trying to do both at once - I held the brakes to slow myself down, and at the same time turned the handle bar. The result was that I almost became a Humpty Dumpty... It was only the presence of mind of my leg (I can see some objections being raised - how can a mind be present in a leg, what is mind etc. ... to be more correct, I think I should call it a reflex...), I remained upright while my cycle took the fall. (I think it was a more satisfactory state of affairs than both me and my cycle lying down, or worse, the cycle standing while I lay on the ground).

(Actually, there were (thankfully) no witnesses to this spectacle. But that doesn't mean that it never happened. It just means that I can report my version of what happened :) )

Another time, I was on the way to the mess to have my lunch. I was riding quite furiously, as I was nearing a slope I had to climb. As I passed the Food Court on the way, I started trying to decide whether the food would be edible (to me) or not. I even removed a hand from the handle bar to adjust my dress, and was marvelling at the control I seemed to have over my cycle.

And it was then that I went straight and rammed into a girl walking on the road. I distinctly remember thinking that I should ring the bell and go around her. Instead, I did neither and rammed straight into her. (She was still rubbing her arm where she'd been run into, when I saw her at lunch. Needless to say, it hastened my lunch, and I was out much before her...)

My usual multi-tasking efforts are limited to reading while eating, and listening to music while reading, and sometimes while walking. Sometimes, when I'm studying at home, I end up singing while studying. (I quite like my singing, though I can't say the same for others). I guess that it is because they want me to concentrate on my studies that my folks leave the room when I start singing while studying...

Once my mother and brother were playing chess, I was reading and singing... I'd finished half my playlist, and come to 'Answer lies within'. So lost was I that it took me a few minutes to realize that my brother and mother had stopped playing and were rolling with laughter. To this day, they ask me to sing that song, though they consider it more a banshee's wail, going by their expressions...

That's enough about myself and my numerous qualities (?), at least, enough for one day. So, let me call it a day. Or night, if you prefer to be exact and more literal.

And oh, did I mention that I had a vision of myself cruising along on a Harley - Davidson. And singing. I'm sure it would be a sight to reckon with, given my excellent skills in both riding and singing. So, here's wishing me good luck and hoping that my dreams come true :)

Meanwhile, you can start praying for your own safety :P

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