Sunday, August 14, 2011


(A warning first : This was written over a period of almost 9 hours, 8&1/2 of which were spent in a state of blissful sleep :) (the weird dream doesn't count!) - so, lower your expectations and be prepared for a damp squib... Will be back to myself soon enough, and a (hopefully) better post will soon be on its way (again, hopefully! And, now that you've been warned, you may proceed.)

Every little song playing in my head
makes me think of something you said,
turning the pages of the books I read
make me wonder if you've done the same.
When I see the bikes on the roads,
it makes me remember your words.
Every little thing, every little event,
makes me think of the times we spent.
And though it has been a very long while,
the memories can still make me smile.
Sometimes I play the 'what-if?' game,
and out of the blue, I hear your name.
At times I wish we could sit and analyze,
to see when things began to go wrong,
and it's only then that I realize
it's been this way all along.

(P.S. : I'd rather be spared being hit by slippers - if you use one for the hitting, the other half might be lonely... And, no thanks, no rotten food items either... If you think this is trash, please feel free to use my comments section or mail box to have your say! Thanks!)

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