Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Soppy trophy

It was a great weekend, what with buying around 15 books...

And after ages, I got a novel by an author whose work I'd read earlier and found readable. Thinking that it would be a good read, at least as a dinner accompaniment (I'd just finished re-reading a Wodehouse for the nth time, and finished another novel in the morning, so needed something for dinnertime). The preface said that the book dealt with a religious community, and that was fine with me. As the story developed with pages filled with 'penance' and 'Matins and Lauds' and 'Confessions' and 'The Holy Book' (I knew by the end of the first chapter what the story was going to be), I was waiting to see how the end came about. Come about it did, with one of the soppiest dialogues I'm ever read...

Towards the end, the heroine tells the hero....

(Get ready!!!)

"I would gladly take as many babies of yours as I could"


Imagine telling this is real life... Moreover, the character who says this is a nun who has denounced (is that the verb?) her vows owing to her dissatisfaction.

And more importantly, she says this not once, but twice. TWICE!!! Imagine

And you wonder why I avoid reading these books, except at times of desperation...

(This also puts an end to my dream of writing a soppy novel - I could never have imagined any dialogue this corny :( )

Talking of desperation, what else can I expect, when I know by the end of the first chapter who did it, or what the climax is going to be. The only question left to answer is 'how'...

And what to do, even good novels don't last more than a couple of hours :(

Poor me... Please do an act of charity and send some good books my way... (I'll bless you for it - there, you got your reward!!!:P)


  1. ha ha ha.
    It has happened to me once. Bought a political thriller to read in the train. 350 pages and 120 bucks. Quite a profitable trade, I thought. Understood what the story was going to be when I was crossing the 250th page and whatever came after that did not enthusiase me at any point.

    I didn't know that you wanted to write a novel. Now... I want to read that when you write. :)
    Also, I could send you some books if you want... :)

  2. Thanks :) I'd be grateful if you did send me some books (I wouldn't mind if you didn't send me the political thriller you mentioned :) )...
    I do want to write a novel, but it seems like too much effort... Will give you an autographed copy if I ever do get something written and published :)
    No harm in dreaming, right? :D