Thursday, February 7, 2013

Of this and that

Last night , SM told me that my brother was a nice guy :) I must remember to thank her for the ammunition ;) I called my brother this evening and told him , "unna romba nallavannu sollitaalae!"

Just then, L called, and as usual, verified whether I had eaten something, before getting on with the conversation. I told her I'd just been called "pretty", and she said, "So, whoever it was, was he blind until now?" And I told her she was always in my enemy's camp :D Why, she even once told me I shouldn't be leaving behind a trail of broken hearts. Now, why on earth would I do that? Anyway, I'm no heart-breaker, to be a serial one at that :)

And today, I spoke to PM. I think he's becoming telepathic or a mind-reader. I was just thinking it's been a while since we spoke, and that I should be calling him, though I thought he must be on his way home by then. And a couple of minutes later, he called me, and told me what I had just been thinking :D

On an unrelated note, my fingers seem to be forever poised and ready to do a Ctrl+S :) The effect of all the programming, I guess :)

And last night, I had a longish chat with NV. And she said "Chee... you're fishing for compliments" :) And then she said a couple of words in Spanish!!!

Speaking of Spanish, I wrote my first Spanish blogpost last night. As of now, I'm sharing it with only B, and maybe I'll let others read it when I'm a bit more confident and a bit less careless...

And I seem to be on the verge of getting into Russian music for a while now. But let's see. I've to get "Ensename a olvidar" and "Cada vez" out of my head first :P

So, I guess it's time to leave.

Adios, folks...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Yet another rant

I met AJ today, after a long time. I had a great time, and it felt good talking to him. (I don't know if he had a good time too, though I think he was entertained for a few minutes at least, as I told him What I Did In December :P ). When I'd called him, he told me he'd just gotten back from playing football.

Earlier in the evening, I went to have some coffee, and what do I see? Some guy wearing a T-shirt with "Ronaldo" written on the back, with a 7 below it.

Why? Oh why?

And why rub it in?

First, I stay up until 4:20 A.M. to watch the match. (I even wore my lucky dress to support my team!) I wanted to watch the whole match, but it was too frustrating and well, also a bit painful. I went to bed in the hope that the last 10 minutes would have altered the score (in favour of my team!), but alas... When I was woken up at 7:15, I couldn't wait to check the score. Suffice it to say that my Sunday didn't exactly have a great start (after the morning cuppa, that is...)

To lose, and through an own goal at that! (I did read a lot of comments on how Ronaldo scored the one goal of the match, but at the wrong net, and whether this goal would count in the tally for the Pichichi). I've seen quite a few matches with unexpected turn of events, leading me to believe that "it isn't over until it is over". Maybe, like NV, I should get used to the 'ups and downs' of my team.

And to think that my team will be up against Barca and ManU soon... I'm hoping they don't disappoint me yet again.

Now, that puts me in a Clasico with G :) And now AP :P

Anyway, here's hoping that my team doesn't let me down again. It's been hectic, I know. I felt like it was just now that they were playing Barca, and the next moment, they were against Granada!

Adios, folks...

(P.S. : Maybe lack of sleep does leave me rant-prone!)