Sunday, August 31, 2014


I have been thinking about how I could have been in stand-up comedy if it weren't for a few glitches :

- Apparently, you need to be audible. (So this is what is called an insurmountable obstacle... sigh!)

- Oh, and also funny. (I mean, outside your head - inside, I'm hilarious)
   (It turns out you can also pretend to be funny, but unfortunately for me, I am not a fan of certain types of 'comedy', nor do I want to do them myself... Oh, looks like I'm an elitist now)

- And you apparently need to be in the limelight. On a stage. In front of people. *Gasp* (If only stage-fright didn't kill me...)

- Oh, and your jokes need to be something that people can 'get'. (Tough one, that - I often end up having to explain a joke (which kind of sucks out all the fun), or having to remind someone that it's a joke)

- Plus, you need to keep your face straight. (Which I've been only partially successful at - either I keep a very straight face, or I start laughing well in advance - "hey, there's going to be a joke, it's going to be so funny, you know... Come on, now!" )

- Humor is hard work (Biggest hurdle, if you're even half as lazy as I am...)

- Oh, and you need some motivation/encouragement. (A sarcastic (and way funnier) brother; who starts laughing (pretends to, actually) and then says, "you said you were going to tell a joke, so I started laughing already" and then stops when you have delivered the punchline, isn't exactly encouraging. Nor is the friend who says, "Oh, is this supposed to be a joke? Should I laugh? Hee hee hee")

No wonder then that I haven't started my career in stand up comedy. Yet.

Maybe in another lifetime. Or in another world. Or in the current one, if any of the predicted apocalypses happens...

Until then, folks...