Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No comments, please!

Just wanted to rant :

While waiting for my bus, I saw my friend walking with his wife. They were sharing an umbrella, and talking to each other. And then,zip!!! some guy on a cycle commented "Just because you've had a love marriage doesn't mean you have to flaunt it!!!"

What a totally uncalled for comment! To the guy who said it : I don't know who you are. But will you kindly refrain from commenting on what is not your business. What does it matter to you who goes out with whom? And why does it affect you so much? There's so much hatred in the world, that love seems a really precious thing. Please don't go about sullying such a beautiful thing. Maybe you are frustrated or jealous because you are single. But that doesn't give you the right to speak about someone else's happiness. Don't grudge people the little pleasures that make Life truly worth living...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Mind(full) of memories!!!

An year... Time has flown... It's been slightly more than an year since I joined the university. I pause to reflect on what I've got in this year, and what I have learnt :

I met some truly wonderful people, a couple of whom have become really good friends -whom I could trust my life with (maybe they'll know what to do with it, I don't!!! ). Initially I was hesitant. They seemed so knowledgeable and confident, I felt like a stranger. But with the passage of time, I discovered that they were indeed knowleadgeable and confident, but also friendly and genuine people. I'm grateful for the discussions we had (subject-related and otherwise!), the chai and snacks (especially when sponsored by you ;) ), for your valuable insights, for the entertainment you provided... The list is quite long... May we make many more good memories !

Over the past year, I also discovered many places on the campus. And since I have to rely on my own two feet for moving about, I have ; by trial and error; discovered the shortest paths between two points on campus. And again, the distance is relative. If you are in the midst of an engrossing discussion, the longer path would be the obvious one to take. But if you someone you know (but wouldn't want to ;) ) would be taking that path, then you take another one :)

I shouldn't be saying this, but I also discovered that the restrooms of DCIS & SOP are the best-maintained. Maybe SSS and LHC2 deserve a mention too. But not the others. :P

In terms of academics, I made some mistakes, but am working towards doing much better. And what with people around me who know their stuff, am sure it will work out, and I'll manage to work hard enough to do justice to my course :)

There are many more things to mention, many more memories and special moments. But I'll end this now.

(P.S. Couldn't think of a better title :( )

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

10 things

Nice tag I came across on a blog I read :

Please list at least ten things you have ever wanted or done which your gender is not supposed to.

Here's my list:

1. Eating alone - have eaten alone even in restaurants in new cities :)

2. Learning to play the drums : it's awesome & real fun!!!

3. Complimenting: I don't mind telling a guy he looks good (if that IS the case) (I have received flak from some of my friends over this...)

4. Making the first move : haven't always waited for a guy to do it - though haven't actually gotten down on one knee (yet !!! ;) )

5. Experimenting : be it music or books :)

6. Paying for food : it doesn't really matter to me who pays - I don't mind paying for friends at the canteen

7. Dressing down(?) : I just can't spend more than a minute before a mirror - why waste time on trivial matters???

8. Watching TV - no serials for me ... prefer music, sports & movie channels when I do indeed watch TV (which is quite rarely)

9. Bus trips - I usually settle down with a newspaper (crossword) & earphones plugged in - don't even mind snacking on buses (not exactly a trait associated with a girl)

10. Listening : am not a chatterbox - am not a fan of talking and talking ( girls & chatter seem to go together)...

& in the wanting to do part - I'd say travelling all over the world... Two of my friends have what seems a most exciting plan to me - go backpacking alone & explore the world -face the challenge... by yourself.... Sounds amazing... Someday I'll (hopefully) have the time & 'resources' for it :)

It was tough but fun trying to make this list : I don't seem to know any longer what girls are "supposed" & "expected" to do or not... And does it matter, who does what ??? Why should something be labelled "girly" or "boyish"???