Wednesday, September 8, 2010

10 things

Nice tag I came across on a blog I read :

Please list at least ten things you have ever wanted or done which your gender is not supposed to.

Here's my list:

1. Eating alone - have eaten alone even in restaurants in new cities :)

2. Learning to play the drums : it's awesome & real fun!!!

3. Complimenting: I don't mind telling a guy he looks good (if that IS the case) (I have received flak from some of my friends over this...)

4. Making the first move : haven't always waited for a guy to do it - though haven't actually gotten down on one knee (yet !!! ;) )

5. Experimenting : be it music or books :)

6. Paying for food : it doesn't really matter to me who pays - I don't mind paying for friends at the canteen

7. Dressing down(?) : I just can't spend more than a minute before a mirror - why waste time on trivial matters???

8. Watching TV - no serials for me ... prefer music, sports & movie channels when I do indeed watch TV (which is quite rarely)

9. Bus trips - I usually settle down with a newspaper (crossword) & earphones plugged in - don't even mind snacking on buses (not exactly a trait associated with a girl)

10. Listening : am not a chatterbox - am not a fan of talking and talking ( girls & chatter seem to go together)...

& in the wanting to do part - I'd say travelling all over the world... Two of my friends have what seems a most exciting plan to me - go backpacking alone & explore the world -face the challenge... by yourself.... Sounds amazing... Someday I'll (hopefully) have the time & 'resources' for it :)

It was tough but fun trying to make this list : I don't seem to know any longer what girls are "supposed" & "expected" to do or not... And does it matter, who does what ??? Why should something be labelled "girly" or "boyish"???


  1. The 10 things that doesn't suit a girl's image, fits to u like a tee, i know that many more are there behind, do find them and list too. Kudos :-))

  2. //The 10 things that doesn't suit a girl's image, fits to u like a tee// What are you trying to imply?? :) :) :)