Monday, August 23, 2010

How I did it ;)

I was talking to a friend about the reason I had earphones in a shocking colour... I also happened to mention the fate of my brother's mobile after it came into my hands. ;) He wondered how I managed to spoil a mobile. While I silenced him by explaining it's easy if you have years of experience, I felt I owe him a better explanation. So here it is, how I managed to achieve the feat...

1) Making maximum use of your service provider's SMS packages. What are they for??? :)*

2) Making use of every available feature on the phone... The camera - almost every third moment seemed worth capturing ;)

3) Music - how can you miss the numerous radio shows? ** & when the commercials come on... well, that's when you listen to songs stored earlier :)

4) Gaming - push the buttons around - all the anger and frustration and excitement on racing a car across the deserts or through a forest trail, the keypad bears the brunt of it all...

5) Careful handling on the phone - taking care to see that it does not fall on the hard ground ... too often, just now and then.... :P

6) Carrying the phone properly - I usually end up digging for it at the bottom of my bag, alongside a stapler, pens, pencils & what-nots :)

See, it's so easy ;)

And to conclude, that's how I managed to do it :)

* - I used to be an SMS-junkie once upon a time...

** - There used to be great radio shows with splendid RJ's back then, in the city where I used to be.. Don't know the situation now, though...


  1. I know that you are an SMS junkie, coz i have experienced it from you, you would try to save an app 5 mess atleast to me, when we used to chat well. And why isn't the same so now.
    Whenever my parents hit upon this issue, i xplain the same way, to which, they throw their hands uppp in the air.....