Thursday, January 29, 2015

A surprising revelation

I'm audible!

I attended a fortnight-long Theatre Workshop, and we had to perform a play on the last day. I 'played' (within quotes because dear old JP & Mr. SC think this particular role didn't need any acting skills on my part, and that I was just playing a (maybe future) version of myself :|) a cranky old village woman.

Today, I met RN, and he told me, "Nice acting". On the evening of our play, KK, a fellow actor in the same play, told me I'd acted well and that I'd gotten a 'standing ovation' :D There's a limit to how far you can stretch the truth, you know :P (Anyway, we all told each other , "You did well". I know I meant it, but I can't speak for the others.)

Anyway, I just met RN again, and popped the question. And he said 'Yes'!!! Err, my question was, "Was I audible?", and he answered in the affirmative. He also mentioned that it could be because our play was the first, and the auditorium wasn't full by then...

So, yes, that's the surprising revelation. I'm audible! Yay!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Of the Chronically Punctual and the Wasters of Time

I'm annoyed. A predictable state, given my impatience and how restless I get when I have to wait for something (or someone)...

As someone suffering (it is indeed suffering) from CP (Chronic Punctuality), I just have to reach early or on time, even to meet a friend for tea in the canteen. If I feel I'll be delayed by even a moment or two, I have a compulsive need to call them and let them know I'll be slightly delayed. I feel bad making someone wait, and end up hurrying even more, mostly only to find that the other person who was supposedly 'waiting for me' hasn't even arrived (or half the time, not even started) yet. So much for CP :|

And given my luck, I seem to attract mostly WoT's (Wasters of Time...especially other people's). (Maybe this is what they mean when talk about opposites attracting. Sigh!) For instance, today, I had to somewhere at 5:30 P.M. I was sure that nobody would be there at that time, definitely not the people who fixed the time. I knew that and didn't want to start before 6, but as luck would have it, my CP kicked in and I was there a minute or two after 5:30. I was about to leave the place, when I saw KK (aka Vijay), and so went to the 'appointed place at the appointed time'. (Yes, I read 'After twenty years' when I was in school). This, despite having spent the past few days in frustration and annoyance, what with being asked to come at 11 in the morning on a Sunday, only to find people happily sauntering in after 2... (the main people who were supposed to come at 11 came in after 12:15...) (oh, and Saturday was no better!)

This trend seems to be a recurring pattern in my life. I must have lost a (significant) part of my life in waiting for people...

Sometimes, I end up having to wait for things as well. Like, bhakarwadis. A certain Mr. SC promised to send me original Bhakarwadis from Pune. This promise was made way back last year, and the trip to Pune was supposed to have been in the first half of December. December has come and gone. January is here and almost gone. And the question still remains - where are the bhakarwadis? Mr.SC was kind enough to send me a picture of it last night, to assure me of its existence, I guess. Anyway, I have given up hope of that fellow ever getting around to sending me the parcel. (Each time we spoke during the past couple of months, he's been telling me he's on the way to the post office. Methinks he either just goes to the post office door and comes back, or he probably sets out on the way to the post office and ends up elsewhere, maybe his lab or classroom.)

Oh, not just this - I have had to suffer waiting for SC even when he was here.. I remember the barrage of (annoyed) calls I made asking him where he was...

Sigh! If only I could overcome this CP and happily go late and let other people wait, for a change. If only I didn't feel annoyed on behalf of the people who are sometimes forced to wait for me...

'It's hope that keeps me holding on...'