Thursday, January 29, 2015

A surprising revelation

I'm audible!

I attended a fortnight-long Theatre Workshop, and we had to perform a play on the last day. I 'played' (within quotes because dear old JP & Mr. SC think this particular role didn't need any acting skills on my part, and that I was just playing a (maybe future) version of myself :|) a cranky old village woman.

Today, I met RN, and he told me, "Nice acting". On the evening of our play, KK, a fellow actor in the same play, told me I'd acted well and that I'd gotten a 'standing ovation' :D There's a limit to how far you can stretch the truth, you know :P (Anyway, we all told each other , "You did well". I know I meant it, but I can't speak for the others.)

Anyway, I just met RN again, and popped the question. And he said 'Yes'!!! Err, my question was, "Was I audible?", and he answered in the affirmative. He also mentioned that it could be because our play was the first, and the auditorium wasn't full by then...

So, yes, that's the surprising revelation. I'm audible! Yay!

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