Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Miscellaneous thoughts (and some related to the AIB Knockout)

So, what's this fuss with the AIBKnockout all about? I have seen it, and it was fun. I've since watched other comedy acts, and the roast of Pam Anderson. Anyway, back to the Indian scene, I'm yet to get a clear picture of the what's happening...

Some thoughts that came to my mind were :

- Is it that hard to do comedy without using swearwords and without having a fat person, black/dark-skinned person or sex jokes?

- I'm not exactly a prude, but somehow, I don't get the need to use 4-letter f-words at every possible instance. (Well, actually, I do use a certain 4-letter f-word most of the time, because that's all I think about these days... FOOD)

- I end up imagining literally what the person is saying, so when someone says effing laptop, I end up trying to imagine a laptop in a Khajuraho style position... And fail miserably...

- I'm probably an elitist of some kind, for I prefer and long for the subtle humour of Wodehouse, and I want something that I'll find funny no matter how many times I come across it.

- Stereotype-based comedies aren't my cup of tea. They might be funny the first time, but the same things on and on is boring and also irritating.

- Where are the female comedians? I did come across a few, but I feel oddly let down by them.

- I'm not a big fan of forced humour.

- Why do we still think that 'gay' equals 'comedy'? (This occurred to me during the Theatre workshop I attended - as part of an activity, I had to enact a 'transgender', and I couldn't think of anything - I could only think they're just people, too, what am I supposed to act out?)

- The crowd needs to get the joke :)

- Wit and satire (the real kind) make me go weak in the knees.

(Note to self : Add going up on stage and doing stand-up comedy to bucket list)

I'm a big fan of humour. Calvin and Hobbes. Pears before swine. Wodehouse. William Brown. Erma Bombeck. Judy Balan's blog. The local tea party. Chuck (Deepak Gopalakrishnan). Tony Sebastian. Narendra Shenoy. Lavanya Mohan. Krish Ashok. Khamba. Mr.SC. & of course, my family. (Wow, that's quite a long list!) And I hope the laughter riots (laugh riots?!) continue...

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