Friday, August 6, 2010

An update

For those who read my earlier post, here’s something I should add – I have discovered that some people do not pay heed to where they are – they go about their ‘business’ in full view no matter where they are – even within the university when a proper restroom is hardly 10 metres away!!! Even when it drizzles !!! And one guy even made a request to the van-driver to wait for him until he was done…. Shudder! Shudder!

And even standing among dustbins – I’m amazed you can ‘stand the stench’ that long (pun intended ;) )…

It reminds me of this ad with Kamalahassan in it asking a guy not to piss on the roads. (If I come across the video, I’ll post it…) And at times, I’m reminded of this documentary I read about in Suketu Mehta’s Maximum city: Bombay lost and found – a short film called Bumbay – and wonder if someone (alas, I cannot…) should make a similar film on this… (am trying to imagine what it would be called, if it is ever made…) (Piss-kiya??? Kuch kuch aata hai?? Omg!!!! What’s happening to me??????)

May the world be cleansed someday (with water, that is!!!)

And no, I’m not jealous or anything. Am just another concerned citizen. (concerned about myself, mostly ;) ) Can't help it..... (you can't help it either, na??? ) :)

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