Monday, August 9, 2010

C(o)urses C(o)urses everywhere???

"... Concept School, class I-X, IIT Coaching"

Another schoolbus caught my eye; and made me reflect. Why does every school need 'IIT coaching'? Time to think again....

Makes me wonder (this reminds me of Stairway to Heaven!!)... Makes me wonder about the future. Will 'coaching for the top institutes' start from Class I??? Or K.G.??? Or maybe, classes will be held for expectant mothers - along with regular checkups & motherhood-preparation classes, maybe expectant mothers will have to join coaching classes - early beginners, start at the womb!!! Everyday, solve a physics/chemistry/mathematics problem along with your daily exercise routines ...

And of course, we do not want our kids to grow up one-sided. Of course not. Why only academic coaching??? Sports & Arts are equally important. So, mother-to-be, attend music & sports training as well :P

But wait, you need to be able to afford all this. So, parents-to-be, work hard. Really hard... (I believe that at this rate, I'll be able to afford my kids' K.G. education, if I start saving up right away :) )

Well, on a different note, I'm glad I had enough free time, to play and enjoy myself. At times, doing nothing. Just sitting on the terrace enjoying the cool breeze. Running around. Lying down watching the stars in the sky. Simple pleasures. No pressure of classes to attend, courses to excel in. Things learnt & skills acquired out of interest, without having them thrust upon me.

I see today's kids. School-home-computer-tuitions-music class-sports class-dance class-homework-projects-studies-& oh, it's already time for the next day at school. And the cycle continues...

Maybe I'm biased. But I sometimes wonder about today's kids. And tomorrow's. Will they ever know the joy of a childhood? The simple pleasures of life. The joys of just running around. Of just lazing around on a hot summer afternoon. (without the shadow of 'holiday homework' looming large over the horizon) And so much more.

I tell myself that I should ensure that my kids should enjoy the simple pleasures of Life as I knew it. But then again, that might not be what they want. And well, if I'm the only one thinking this way, where will my kids find other kids to play with? And will they feel the burden of peer pressure, and be forced to bite off more than they can chew???

Only Time will tell.

(P.S. It started somewhere, ended elsewhere... Like Life - you never know where it starts or where or how it will end )

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  1. Luckily, my mom taught me the basics @ home itself, and i joined 1st std straightaway. And i was also let by my parents and teachers to have a healthy childhood, thanks to them.
    I have started looking into my nephew's life for more joy, crazy fellow!!!!