Thursday, August 4, 2011

Some lines I liked

Just felt like sharing few lines that I liked, from a book I've been reading:

           "...There's only one thing wrong with life : people don't love enough, they don't laugh enough- and they are too damned conventional. Even their love affairs are supposed to run true to form. But this is spontaneous. You walk down where the sailors are saying good-bye to their sweethearts because you said good-bye to one once. It's been raining a little, and their is a sort of melancholy tenderness in the air. You are remembering the past, not because of him, because his face and personality have faded, but because of the romance of saying good-bye, the smell of strange odors from foreign ports, the thoughts the ocean always brings to people - romance, color,distance. A sort of vague sadness that is almost a happiness..."

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