Thursday, March 8, 2012

The test

A couple of days ago, my friend and I went for a post-dinner cup of chai, and she had to recharge her phone, so we set out together. We didn't get the recharge card in the first place we went to, so we walked some more and finally found it. I also ran into some friends, so it was only after half an hour that we finally got back to the first place.

As we went up to get the chai, I noticed someone eating under a tree. Now, I've always had this feeling that he was a Mallu. And since my friend was one too, and there's this really big Mallu network on campus, I thought she'd know him. But unfortunately (for me,at least :P), she didn't know him.

Actually, before that she asked me whom I was talking about the one in white, or the other one. I told her off for that. Why, she was almost right in front of them, when she turned to me and asked that, so what else could I do?

Anyway, my friend said that she'd talk something to me in Malayalam while we crossed them, and if he was Mallu, he'd look up at the sound of his language. And she did talk in Malayalam, and he did look up. And just when I thought that she'd found out for sure, she tells me, "I don't know whether he looked up because I was speaking Malayalam, or because of the sound of my voice" :|

Oh, if only there were some tests for Mallu-ness and Bong-ness... Then I wouldn't have to rely on others so much :)

(P.S. : I suddenly told my friend, let's take another walk, and she asked why, I told her that this guy had gone that way, and she claims I was sight-adichifying (sorry, I can't think of a suitable translation) him :P It was hilarious, the expression on her face!)

(P.P.S. Damn! Why can't I ever think of a good title for my posts?)

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