Thursday, March 8, 2012

100, the real one!

So, here it is, my 100th post. Indeed! It almost makes me feel like I'm an avid blogger, and that this might actually mean something. Anyway, I seem to have finally reached the century-mark, something I've been threatening to do for quite a while yet :)

Ah, 100th post, and I'm not sure what to write about...

So, I'll just mention something that passed through my mind today : despite being called 'the Real Reader', there are some books that even I can't read...

I once had to read 'The old man and the sea' for an exam. I thought that it was a novel, so I could just finish it very quickly and be done with it. Alas... So much for over-confidence. I sailed through the first few pages, and then... there was this fisherman waiting to pull in the fish, and the fish stuck with a hook in it. I tried and tried, and even months later, I could not get past that stage. It was one of the few novels I'd given up on. (That I looked up the synopsis online for my exam prep, and scored quite well is another story altogether. And yeah, modesty prevents me from blowing my own trumpet :P )

I've waded through 'The Chronicles of a Death Foretold' (it was when I was learning Spanish, and felt I had to read something by a Latin American, and it only reinforced my earlier lesson that the stuff of Nobel winners usually goes beyond me), and even 'Me speak pretty one day' and 'The book of Loss'. Don't even remind me of some of the Indian writing I almost puked over.

I often end up somehow reading a book once I've started it, so it is an extreme situation when I give up on something.

Sorry, KK, I still haven't finished your Huckleberry Finn (ye olde english takes time for me to comprehend, and patience isn't one of my virtues (modesty again prevents me from extolling my virtues, but be assured that I do have some, or will, once I find them :) ) )  And oh, sorry again, but I have to put 'Conversations with God' here, too :( I haven't been able to make any progress with it.

Anyway, I'm hoping that I come across more readable books. Anyway, I can always re-read Wodehouse :)

So, adios, folks. I've just scribbled something. And now my post count reads a hundred.

Thanks for bearing with me, and for being my patient readers. Many thanks especially to Manu, for being my sole loyal reader who actually takes time to comment/give me feedback...

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