Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Mutual Promotion club!

I watched Kahaani last week. My brother was here, and he reluctantly agreed to watch it for me.

One of my friends had told me months before to watch it, especially as she'd been in Calcutta (only the non-Bongs seem to be calling it Kolkata, at least the Bongs I know all say Calcutta!) when the movie was being shot. The day after I watched the movie, another friend (call him D) told me that the movie had been shot around his house, and the places he'd grown up in.
The movie turned out to be quite watchable. It isn't because the movie was shot in Calcutta. (I had a sense of deja vu, as I could identify many of the actors from the Bengali movies I'd been watching of late). It wasn't even because I could read the “Kalighat” written in Bangla. It just was good.

Later, during a conversation with Mr.Mercury, I let it slip that my friend told me the movie had been shot around his place. In response to his questions, I told him that D was an old friend of mine, now in Canada. So, Mr.Mercury tells me, “Good. You should chat with him some more. You should go to Canada. He is a Bong,na? You should marry him”

I later told D that this was what my friend had said. (In fact, my brother was also saying something similar – he said that both French &Spanish are spoken in Canada, plus my friend is a Bong guy, and most important – he's in the food business, so I'll never have to worry about my food!!!) So, now D tells me, “That friend of yours who said this, he's also Bong,na? He seems to be a good friend of yours. So why don't you marry him?”

Is this some kinda Bong networking or what? Some mutual promotion club? Just because I'm learning an Indian language after a long gap (and well, I wanted to learn Malayalam first, but then, both my teachers are very hard to get hold of), everyone is under the impression that I'm actively Bong-hunting!!! Kindly escoos me....

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