Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The mystery that turned out to be not one

This morning, as I was walking on the corridor, I noticed the lock on our classroom door, and suddenly I realized that the lights and fan were on. I was wondering who'd left them on, when I looked up and found a classmate sitting inside the room. I stopped on my tracks, to wonder how she'd  achieved the impossible feat. It was only when I turned and looked back that I realized that the other door to the room was open :) And since she was sitting closer to the other door, she hadn't turned on the other lights and fans.

Alas, so much for my mystery and thinking of Houdini...


  1. ha ha :)

    Houdini must have done the same thing with his chains and locks and boxes... who will ever know?

  2. :-D So much in one glimpse(of a split second)! You swiftly reached off to the ideas of Houdini! Kudos to the speed of mind :-D

  3. Glad there are some moments when my mind actually seems to be working :D