Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Surviving in the classroom : an alternate perspective

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The front-benches have traditionally been reserved for the nerds. Enough has been said and written on the topic of back-benches as the only place to have fun. What about the middle benches???

Speaking from personal experience, the middle benches are a safe bet, with numerous advantages. For one, when you are in the middle of the middle row, it's highly unlikely that the professors will actually be able to reach you (the amount of work required to get there is enough to put anyone off!!). Moreover, you don't get tagged either a "nerd" (reserved for the front-benchers"; or a back-bencher (often used to mean mishief-makers). Which gives you enough scope to do what you want to without the fear of being labelled. And the chances of you being called to the board to solve a problem are slim. And you can waste a few minutes under the pretext of finding your way out (disturbing a few friends along the way), by which time the lecturer would have moved on to the next target, and you earn brownie points from your friends for providing the much-needed relief...


During classes, it's often a good idea to sit with an open notebook in front of you, and a pen/pencil in hand. Just put down your head once in a while and take some notes. (which can be anything from the actual lesson being taught, in case you are a nerd, or a to-do list or some random lyrics, in case you're like me )... If you can keep an expression of total "concentration" on your face, so much the better. You can even nod in your head once in a while (to shake off sleep, as it nears the lunch hour; but an action which can be (mis)interpreted as your earnestness in following the lesson)...

The art of sleeping is one of those things that require patience and experience. However, with persistence, even that can be learnt...


This is just a personal viewpoint. Written in a lighter vein. And not meant to be taken seriously.

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