Thursday, June 24, 2010

Glimpses of a childhood

There is very little I remember about my earliest years, as I was too little to remember ... So half of what I know of myself as a kid is through hearsay - family stories, wedding photos and such sources :)

As I have heard, I seem to have been very patriotic during my Pre-K.G. - it seems I'd sing the national anthem the whole day. And a biiiiig fan of my teacher - my daily report of the day's happenings seems to have been incomplete without a description of my teacher's outfit and accessories :)

After being a student at school, I'd come home to be the teacher of my dolls, giving them homework & correcting their notebooks :)

And then, of course, following my brother around the way the lamb followed Mary... If there was any argument or fight, I'd go complain to mom saying "he pulled my right hand" &mom would ask my brother, "why did you pull her right hand, why not the left?"... And being the creature that I was, I used to believe that mom had indeed scolded brother harshly ... We'd resume our playing & I'd continue my lamb act...

Once, my friend put his finger into a sharpener to see how it worked. There was plenty of blood from his finger. That's one of the things I remember of the time when I was little. We were neighbours and classmates, but after that year, he shifted elsewhere, and that was it, we lost touch. The one reminder of him (apart from the sharpener incident) was his presence in my aunty's wedding photo.

Later, we shifted into a new flat (until then we'd lived in an independent house with a well in the backyard, and a coconut tree in the front). Where there were plenty of new neighbours and a gang of kids. That was one glorious period of mad games on the street, and just running about , creating new games, modifying existing ones ... Then came a period when some new flats were being constructed - and we discovered the joys of playing hide-and-seek in an under-construction building (we even got locked up once, and had to be 'rescued' by the watchman).

Guess I am lucky to have a great brother. From him I learnt so many things - how to play cricket (both formats, not ODIs&tests, but the version played on a ground , and the one played with a book (which again has 2 versions, one where you hit a ball made from a paper role using a book as a bat; and one where you open a random page and the last digit of the page number gives your score), the rules of the game, how to fly a kite, how to apply maanja, how to make paperboats... the list is endless...

With that, I end this post.

(P.s.: as there were some distractions, the post ended up much differently than it was supposed to be)

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