Thursday, June 24, 2010

An intro

Once upon a time, I used to blog. But with changing times, I became an infrequent blogger (maybe my inherent laziness has something to do with it!!). Of late, reading some splendid blogs (&attracting stares from everyone, as I was laughing so hard); I thought of starting a new blog. And post something regularly. (Resolutions are made to be broken,right?)

So, let me first tell a bit about myself:
- I'm one of those "reserved" people, a.k.a. "introverts"
- My interests are varied & my tastes usually include the extremes :)
- I often crack jokes - and end up in an awkward situation where I'm the only person who laughs :)
- I think of the most brilliant repartees & witticisms ; only I think of them hours or days after the conversation has ended
- And then, I'm modest (especially during interviews, when I am actually supposed to speak about myself )

(P.s : this time round, I hope my readership is higher than 1!!!)

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