Thursday, December 15, 2011

Coffee chronicles

"A lot can happen over a cup of coffee", as the tag line of a Coffee shop goes.

A cup of coffee is what my day begins with.(though I often end up sleeping a bit after that first cup of coffee:) ).

It's coffee that got me reacquainted with PM. It was over a cup of coffee that my friend L and I caught up with each other. Coffee was the excuse for a conversation with a certain friend,MK. And the list goes on.

Some of my coffee-related memories:

- I dragged my best friend M to the Saravana Bhavan near the place where we used to live. It was an year after the two of us had quit Chennai. But, the reason I dragged her there wasn't to catch up with her (I'd done a lot of that, and could continue any time!). It was to meet KR, her school senior. I remember how we'd met at a quiz, where I'd gone as a representative of my school, and there was M, from hers. And then, there was KR. We had a brief conversation (for which M later blasted me asking how I could agree with him, not her (oh, KR and I seemed to share similar tastes, you know;), and for saying 'yes' right before him when she asked if I actually thought he looked good :P) Anyway, we were in touch, KR & I, and it was to say hi to him that I made M come along. And during the half-hour we spent there, I focused only on my coffee, and let M make conversation with KR(whom she hadn't seen in two years!), and his friend (whom we'd never met)...

- I remember having coffee with my school friend V. And with another friend K.

- There was the cold coffee my friend RS and I had at a CCD in B'lore. I did have a bad cold, but the coffee had "Spain" in its name. And it being the WC time, and Spain being the team I was rooting for, there was no way I could say no to it :)

- It was at yet another CCD that I met my friend S after one year, and it was great catching up with her, and building castles in the air about visiting Spain and the Santiago Bernabeu and Camp Nou. :) Talking of S, she was one hell of a roomie to have, and what with similar outlooks, and sharing an interest in the same things, plus wanting to watch football matches, we did have a great time together. Or at least, I did, thanks to her. Dhonnobaad, S ;)

- I remember hesitating to ask PM if we could meet for coffee - I even remember asking my friends for advice :) And in the end, we did meet for some coffee. And snacks :) Since then, I've come to know him so much better. It was he who told me about the coffee at Udipi, which we finally got to have.

- Speaking of Udipi, I seem to have become a regular haunter of the place - I walk towards the bus-stop after my music class, and if there isn't a bus the moment I reach, my feet end up automatically crossing the road (and taking me along), to stop for a cup of coffee :) I seem to be going there either before or after almost each time I go for my music class.

- There was the time when my friend SS and I tried out this new restaurant Chapattos; along with a friend of hers. I did like the coffee there, though the eating experience turned out to be a disaster.

- I had some lovely times with my frie nds SS and AS, when they'd come and wait for me to come from my music class, and we'd go and have chocolate tart balls followed by coffee, and then sitting on the steps near the shop and watching the roads while discussing a lot of things.

- It was when I was with the aforementioned friend MK when I suddenly popped the question, and he said "yes". But before your imagination goes into overdrive, let me clarify that my question was, "Would you like to have some coffee?" That we ended up discussing weddings was a different thing altogether :P

There are so many moments more, but I'll end this here. And go hunting for a cup of coffee :)


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