Sunday, December 11, 2011

The playlist - part 1

"With so many roads that seem to lead down to the sea,
I wonder which road will be the right one for me."

So much I wish to do, but can't...

Here's one of my lists (incomplete) - a list of songs I hope someday to be able to play :

Comfortably numb : That "hello". And those beats. If only I could play them. The guitar bits, I wouldn't mind being able to play. (And hopefully, I'll be able to, soon!) But oh, those beats... They make me almost ecstatic...

Stairway to heaven : Again, I'd love to be able to play the beats. The guitar parts, yeah, but oh, those beats... Heaven, indeed!

November rain  : The awesome beats at the beginning. And then, the bit after "I feel the same"... and the rest :P God, how I wish I could play those beats... (I think I can, but then, you never know till you've actually done it!)

Us and them : Don't even get me started... Let me continue my dreaming...

Patience : The whistle! I'll master it someday. I thought I'd got half of it right, but unfortunately, I got only parts of it right. The rest sounds ok in my mind, but only air comes out of my lips, not the beautiful sound playing in my mind. Sigh!

Dust in the wind : The guitar... and maybe the violin... (even though I'm not normally a violin fan)

The final cut : If only I could sing it with just that one bit of emotion!

Nothing else matters : The beats, yet again!

Solitude : Those chords! Hopefully, I should be able to play it soon.

You and I will meet again : The beats. And the guitar parts as well. The singing I'm managing pretty well, thank you.

Roll another joint : That enticing drumming! It makes me feel energetic each time I listen to it :)

Pale blue eyes : The guitaring, of course!

Little by little : Do I even need to say?

Answer lies within : For once, I really loved the sound of a piano! Maybe I could learn this one song on it :)

O mon : Now, what's a Bong song doing in here, you might wonder. I just can't get that guitar solo out of my mind...

Don't give up (you are loved) : The beats, yet again...

Oh, there's so much left!!! I'll continue the list again when I can...

(P.S. : This is a very personal list of my personal preferences. And, yeah, I love percussion, in case you haven't noticed it yet... Am also hoping to graduate to a bass guitar soon! Ah, what a pleasant picture that is!!!)

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