Thursday, December 8, 2011

Miss you, MB

So today I slept late. Actually I did wake up. At 7:30. Again at 8:30. Then again at 9:30,11:30... And finally, around 11:45, I formally declared my day begun. (or should it be as begun?) The times between the wakings up were filled with contemplation on one of the most crucial questions of life : "what should I eat?". It being too late to go to the mess for breakfast, I quickly thought of the other options available. Then finally I decided that I'd get up in just a few minutes and have a light breakfast, and do justice to lunch. That was my plan. But, alas, I ended up waking up too late for even brunch, so lunch it was. RIP, my missed breakfast, I really miss you.

I've been enjoying reading this blog , going through the archives. And I was glad I was Tamilian, as I could follow his posts. Awesome stuff.

(P.S.:MB=Missed Breakfast. Not that MB, my first crush ;) )

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