Friday, December 9, 2011

Of ceremonies attended (and missed)

I'm finally feeling human again...

Missed attending a wedding reception, thanks to a fever... My friend reminded me that there was a high probability of many Bong boys being there, and thanks to his hype, I ended up feeling I'd missed something indeed :)

Didn't miss my brother's engagement, though :P Wouldn't have missed it for the world! And couldn't have, either... Anyway, the point is, it happened, and I was there. And yeah, the food was awesome.

My brother was really curious about one thing : how did I avoid the dishes containing curd? (this issue has often raised doubts on my tam-brahmness, but since there are a couple of relatives who don't take curd either, it doesn't really bother me). So, to let out a closely guarded secret, I lay emphasis on the seating arrangement... I take utmost care not to sit in any of the corner seats. If you're anywhere else, you can see what's being served, so you have sufficient time to raise your hand and put it forward the moment they come to serve you something you don't want :) Machiavellian planning, no?

And then, sometime ago, went to attend a certain ceremony early on a Sunday morning (I came to know about it only on Saturday - what with living a life split between campus and home, I end up not knowing what is happening at either place! "Somehow I'm neither here nor there", as the song goes). And guess what? One of the vathiyars was like Bong Boy (introduced here )

That's the roundup for now...

And hopefully, I'll finish this other post, and then start the post whose title I've been threatening people with, on my Gtalk status!

Until then, thank God for little mercies (like the posts not being complete yet). Or if you're an atheist, then thank whoever you thank for little mercies...

Oops, there I go rambling again... Better I leave now... (and sleep off the effects of the cough syrup - I feel like I haven't woken up properly in many days!)

p.s. : I've been reading this blog. That might explain things a bit.

p.p.s. : gosh, yet another TT title! I do seem to have a knack for them!

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