Saturday, December 10, 2011


Total letdown...

What's the matter with you, RM? 

Just because I was too sleepy to watch the match live doesn't mean you should lose. As if not getting Ten Action Plus wasn't enough, live streaming online also doesn't seem to be working for me. I thought you'd win, as I wasn't there to distract you. And what do you do???? The figures 1-3 did seem to come to me when I was asleep, but being the loyal fan that I am, I thought it'd be in your favour. I woke up early, and first thing I did was check the score. 1-3. There it was. But in favour of Barca. So much for my faith in you. Losing a home match, at that. 

I seriously wonder what's happening to you. Last time round too, you disappointed me. So, you won the Copa Del Rey. Ok, fine. But then, what happened in the CL and La Liga clashes? 

You still have one match left, and though I hope that you do get back to the top of the table, I can't be sure. When Barca could lose to Getafe, anything is possible. I can only hope. And pray that my faith in you isn't misplaced.

G, your Barca seem to be getting the better of my RM. Get back to being the RM supporter that you were. You can still admire your Messi's magic. And Xavi and Iniesta. Meanwhile, I'd also like to know you're a fellow supporter. And maybe your support could make a difference! ;)

Ok, winning and losing are part of the game. Accepted. But would you please win against Barca next time? Lose to someone else, if you must. (This doesn't mean you should lose to Sevilla, mind you!)

And since I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for the next match against Sevilla, I can't type any more :P


Buena suerte, Madrid. 

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