Monday, December 5, 2011

Rants again

Who is the South Indian man? Why is a lungi funny? "The lungi is definitely the most fascinating aspect of his identity. Whether it is pulled up or down, it is a sure shot to get the audiences to laugh." If the lungi were so comic, we'd be half a nation of comedians. 

South Indianmainly means Tamil, little bit Malayalam, kindabutnotreally Telugu and a lolzurnotreallySouthIndianbutwhatevs amountof Kannadiga. From here

Yes, thank you, I can take a joke on myself, and I love humour. But only when it actually is funny. And to me, there is nothing funny about being South Indian. Maybe some of my beliefs or habits are funny, maybe some of the things I do. Laugh your heart out at that, and let me in on the joke too. But then....

Well, I have seen how people wear ridiculous costumes and pout trash, all in the guise of comedy. Some jokes work only once, even then with great difficulty. It isn't everyone who can crack jokes that don't lose their essence even after repeated use. Well, laughter isn't laughter when it has to be forced. And if I am to go by Bollywood movie trends, I see only a bleak future. I don't want to waste even a picosecond on the trash churned out under the label of comedy. Sorry to offend those among you who enjoy them, but I personally wish there were a safe haven for me to escape into, so that I can avoid being sullied by them. (Maybe my threshold has gone really low or something, but these days, just the mere mention of 'comedy' and especially 'Bollywood' in the same sentence makes me run for cover. At least in the case of Kollywood I know what to expect...)

Anyway, I don't even wish to contemplate further on this. I have better ways of spending my time. 

(Many thanks to my experiences with so-called humour for leaving me with a bad taste in my mouth)


  1. Wanted to write something like this after I watched that trash of a film called Ra-One. (Trying to forget that I paid 350 Rs for it in an extremely dirty Delhi Mall).
    Thanks, I might be writing somethng soon (finishing what I've started the day after watching that horrible waste of film reel)about that.
    Nice Post.

  2. :) Thankfully, I didn't watch it. The sight of the posters everywhere was too much, and I was glad to give it a miss. Going by what you say, looks like it was a good thing :)
    & thanks :)