Friday, May 4, 2012

A request

I left the lab early today, around midnight. I was cycling down to my room, trying to whistle 'Patience' (my usual cycling accompaniment), and being interrupted by my mind trying to get me to sing 'Summer of drugs' and 'God says nothing back'. And as I neared my gate, panting a bit with the effort of trying to whistle while riding an upward slope, I suddenly saw something on the footpath. One moment I was sure it was a person, next moment it looked like a huge black bag someone had abandoned. It was only when I was really close that I saw it was him.

Anyway, I think he was equally startled to see me, as he gave what is known as the startled-fawn reaction. I just parked my cycle and came to my room. And came across "101 ways to break the ice". Someone please give him the hint :)

Thank you, folks :)

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