Wednesday, May 2, 2012

False Impression*

Earlier this week, I just happened to be roaming my campus with a friend. While we were sipping some chai, we started talking of this and that. (The poor soul is often forced to listen to my barrages)

In passing, she said that I always look serious, like I'm always thinking of something. When I heard that, I did a double take. I never thought of myself as a 'serious young woman' (eeks...woman! it sounds so grown-up when I say it, unlike the woman, grow up M keeps telling me...). I think the fact that I'm reserved gives people that impression. 

At home, I'm regarded as a clown. Why, just a fortnight ago, I reinstated this by treating my family to a version of karakattam worthy of a Ramarajan movie; when my brother commented on my clothes. I couldn't see myself, but I think I really had everyone mesmerised for a moment. Before they started rolling with laughter, tears streaming down their eyes.

With friends, I'm funny at times, and serious at other times. Sometimes, I think I crack jokes so subtle that even I take a moment to realize it. I can make people laugh, but sometimes I just am not in the mood to do so.

Anyway, I'm still trying to understand what makes me a serious young woman. It must be fun to be one, and just last week, M and I were discussing the relative merits (;)) 'intellectual types' (that the discussion was with re: Bong Boy is a minor side-issue). Maybe the fact that I read all the posters on the canteen walls contributes to the image. As also to the fact that I'm usually found with a book in hand, and often reading while walking!!!

As I pointed out to my friend, I don't have a one-track mind (unlike Stilton and his hob-nailed boots). I have at least two tracks running on my mind all the while, with a third and even a fourth sometimes. Like, every time I take my book out, a song plays in the background, with another part of my mind trying to play the guitar and drums alternately. No wonder then that I look 'tired due to mental exertion' :)

And S, though you don't seem to have actually posted the comment you were typing when I caught-you (red-handed)   unawares, I have indeed not posted in a while. I was going to blame it on "writer's block", which sounds very terrific and hi-fi, but truth is, I have been just plain lazy. Reading is fine, but sitting down to pound the keys does require effort, loads of it. Anyway, will try and post more regularly. (Though you shouldn't really expect me to, given my track record!)

Adios for now.

(P.S. Today was the day I got back in touch with a couple of long-lost friends...
P.P.S. Today was also the day when I was actually consulted on a matter requiring great (read extremely high levels of) tact and diplomacy. Me, of all people! 
P.P.P.S. Must confirm with A about his concert - and well, if you can't have a soft corner for someone who talks to you as one drummer to another, you can't have a soft corner for anyone!
P.P.P.P.S : Must write about Mr.I-man and his violin sometime.

That's already way too many p's&s's, so I better stop now. Stop, as in actually s-t-o-p)

(* - a Jeffrey Archer book I enjoyed, and a neat turn of phrase for what this post is about! )


  1. Hmmm......! o_O
    I remember correcting myself and saying that its not seriousness but this state of being totally engrossed in your thoughts ... :-)
    kind of disconnected from the rest and being engrossed in oneself .... which is evidently what you seem to have written about yourself as well ... ! :-D

    P.S - growing up is a totally different issue ....remember - you are only as old as the games you play :-P

    P.P.S - I think I need to confirm the concert with that cheap boy too .... lets go together ...and this time I will not give haath/taang ...!

  2. :) Ah, that's a very thin line of distinction...

    If I'm only as old as the games I play, I won't be older than 10 :)

    Call me when you interrogate him about the concert :P I want to watch that too! First that, then the concert...

  3. For all you know he won't take my call ....why should he ... I'll only yell ...... :-P

  4. If he doesn't take your call, I'll call him and you can yell at him then :)