Friday, May 4, 2012

All part of the game

My brother's getting married soon, and preparations for the wedding are on. As part of my to-do list, I have been sending out invitations and handing them out to the friends who are here. Nine times out of ten, the people I give the invitation to, and the ones I call to confirm addresses to mail the invitations to, ask me if it's my wedding. When I clarify that it's my brother who's getting married, they ask me when my turn is.

There's this group people who tell me, "Hey, how is it that your brother is getting married while you're still unmarried?" (It seems traditionally girls with elder brothers get married before their brothers). To which I say, "What is your problem with that?" When they offer to find me a groom, I say, "Oh, I'm looking for a Spanish groom. Or Bengali. Or Malayali". And I continue, "He should have done this, that, blahblah blah blah". After a few minutes of this thing, I get told, "Nee urupudavae maata" (rough translation : you'll never get far, you're incorrigible).

Then there was this friend who asked me, "So, when are you planning to get hitched?", and I told him, "I'm just waiting for you to say yes"

Then there is my family, immediate and extended, who are on a mission to play match-maker for me. They tell me that they are just waiting for me to give them the go-ahead. Methinks the day I say "Please go ahead", they'll suddenly unveil this magic hall of rows and rows of what is called "eligible grooms"(E.G.'s) :D And then I shall go about inspecting them. I'm getting this image of this Potteresque giant chess-set-like room, with one E.G. in each square. But, alas, I can't stretch my imagination to see whether the squares are filled with only Tam-Brahms, or if there are any, you know, Bong Boys, Mallus, and maybe even a Spaniard or two :P

And then there are some friends of mine, who care so much for me that they are themselves ready to get me into a "suitable marriage". At times, they recommend their friends and relatives of friends, and in most cases, their enemies; but when I ask them why they don't want to marry me themselves, they just beat about the bush. Something fishy there. So, I'm steering clear of them.

And finally, to blow my own trumpet, a friend from my Spanish class once told me that if it weren't for the fact that her son and I were of the same age, and that he'd prefer to find his own partner, she'd have liked to have me as her D-I-L.

Anyway, my brother and his fiancee seem to be happy and excited about the wedding. So, let me continue with the preparations. And hope that the topic of my wedding isn't always the only natural continuation to any discussion of my brother's one.

(The general trend seems to indicate that there is a "demand" for girls, but I'm yet to come across the "surplus" of boys. Wonder where they are hiding...)

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