Monday, May 21, 2012

Last evening, A (the drummer-boy) messaged me that he was on his way to Wayanad. And today, M tells me he's driving his sister around to her examinations, with a mobile library in the backseat of his car. And it seems the monsoons have already set in there.

And as I was looking forward to my Chennai trip and catching up with some friends, I keep hearing about the power cuts there.

Sigh! M chose this time to make me think of Kerala monsoons. (I was in a total I-love-Kerala-and-Mallus phase before the 'Bong' infection, and Kerala still holds a lot of attraction for me...)

Ending now, before the depression (at the thought of the power cuts) sets in - if a depression had to set in, I'd prefer it over the Bay of Bengal, and not in my mind.

That was a terrible joke. More reason I should just leave now


  1. :-D well.....soon there will be no one in the lab ..... N, A, S and you added to the list of ppl who are going or already went out of town.
    And then there are not many left in the department anyways .... i'll roam around along the corridors like a ghost .... worse even a "bored" ghost!
    So stop sulking and make the most of your trip :-D

  2. I will.

    I just hope you'll be happy when I come back looking like a roast potato (not just my head, but totally like one :P), while you have the entire wing, including your cabin to yourself. Just remember not to get locked in :P