Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rants over a Talk and other ramblings

Last evening I was forced to attend a seminar I wasn't keen on.

It was, in fact, Mr. Mercury who forced me to go. Apart from reminding me that it was my social obligation, his majesty went on and on about how the talk was about Bangla, and hence I should not miss it, what with my interest in all things Bong. (Oh, of late, my Bong-related interests seem to have come down to a)letters of the alphabet I can identify, b) movies where I can identify some of the actors, especially Prosenjit, c) rasogolla , d) the Bong Boy who I think is one, but whose Bong-ness is yet to be confirmed by my other Bong friends, and whose identity remains a mystery (I once pointed him out to Mr.Mercury, asking him if he knew him, but he was gone in a jiffy, & Mr.Mercury couldn't place him... he did assure me that he'd get me someone worthier, which he hasn't done to this day...) &e) entertaining my Bong friends with the way I pronounce the words )

Anyway, the seminar started and had on me the effect that seminars usually do. I started fidgeting a minute or two into the talk. I looked all around me, I pulled up the chair in front of me to rest my feet on. I drank water and looked at my watch. Then I did the entire thing all over again. And again.

I took a break in between when there was a brief moment with some Spanish sentences on the screen, which I finished reading in my usual speed. Then back to the cycle it was.

Finally, there it was, the Promised Bangla. But alas, it was written in English, so much for my hoping to read a sentence of Bangla.. (Mr.Mercury once gave me the task of reading some poems, which I did manage to do. But I'm yet to get him to explain most of them).

As if all this wasn't enough, in between there was a discussion of Hindi sentences. It made me seriously wonder if Ram, Raavan, Sita & Bharat are the only people in the world you can make sentences about. Why can't we talk about you or me or our friends? And for God's sake, why complicate things and lose track of what you were trying to say? And all the time, I kept feeling the sentences they were making violated all the rules of grammar I'd learnt over the years. It seemed too much of an effort to actually say something and anyway, I didn't want to prolong the discussion.

The talk finally ended half an hour later, with half the things having been skipped. And I rushed out from the room :)

I don't know why, maybe it was the weather, or maybe it was just my impatience, but I just couldn't wait to leave. And as the talk last week (by SM) had been really interesting, this was even more of a letdown. (And I just resolved I'd actually put in more of an effort when it'll be my turn very soon...)

Anyway, rant over.

My sole loyal reader seems to be enjoying his visit home (in Kerala!!!), SM should soon be presenting the rest of her talk (hopefully), I haven't yet made PM cringe at my 'creative' suggestions, and I have a couple of books to read. Plus, I think A's silence has nothing to do with the mail I sent. And oh, I had some chocolate yesterday. And today as well. So, all seems well with the world at the moment.  :)

There is a slight dark cloud over the horizon, with Bayern Munich and Chelsea playing, and not my Real Madrid. But then, you can't have everything.

I think I'll just look forward to Euro 2012. And keep my fingers crossed for my team.

Which reminds me, I should go and check if my lucky dress is ready. After all, I did my part in helping them become World Champions, didn't I?

So, I take leave of you. I'd continue writing, if it weren't for such Higher Calls, you know... So keep up your spirits! I'll be back.

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