Tuesday, January 17, 2012


"Oh yesterday...."

I was supposed to be playing that on my guitar, but it was not meant to be. I spent some time watching this little girl in the classroom, as she ran around between her dad and brother, pausing in between to look at the fish in the aquarium, then running back to her dad squealing.

And then, wonder of wonders, the drum kit was free as I finished my class. There was hardly anyone around, so I just went up and asked if I could try the drums. I did, and how I did enjoy it... I tried the various sounds (I hadn't tried an electronic drum kit before). I tried to see what I could playI found that I could still maintain some semblance of a rhythm, even after trying out variations in between. Which pleased me no end, as it was something I'd never been able to do all that well before. I ended up wishing I could go back to drumming - I'd been really missing 'the feeling that I get'. And I heard that there would soon be another drum kit at my music class. I just hope I can somehow find the time to fit it into my schedule.

What with the drumming, and getting my program working (with some help, of course!), I was in quite a good mood. Plus, I'd finally finished reading "The Information" (my friend nearly had a heart attack on seeing the condition of the book - what can I do if it has a pristine white cover, but is so gripping that I had to carry it home and back, and read on the bus...), and had started with a murder mystery in French. Not to mention the Udipi coffee. And so, I came back from my class with a song on my lips.

Which was promptly misinterpreted by my friends.

We went for dinner, and it was there that I became a victim, when my friends started their games. Like, "Kaun banega Sam ka pati?". With helplines like 'phone a friend'. The 'audience' helpline was a bit biased, but what to do? Asi es la vida. After a brief break, just when I was breathing in relief that I'd been spared at last, along came HG and started the Inquisition again.

And the one brief moment where SS got to be the victim, Mr.Sincere turned the tables on me by saying I'd stolen her one fan from her. Unfair accusation, I say. It isn't my fault that we have a mutual friend and speak the same language!!!

Anyway, we then took a long walk to "drop HG off", which meant that four of us walk to the gate so that he can get an auto and go home, while we back all the way from where we went. And since walking consumes energy, we paused to refuel with cups of chai...

It was a lovely feeling, walking back in the cool night. Though I'd have loved it more if I hadn't been carrying my bag with a laptop and books, and pushing a cycle with another book in the basket :)

And, you know, I'd won the position of "resident ghost" (even before the opening came up & I'd applied for it!) at a certain friend's place. (Come on, he has plans of adding a drum kit to his place soon, what more can you ask for? ;) )

It's time to get back to work. And hope that my friends don't get it into their heads to do a "Sam ka swayamvar'...

(P.S.: Oh, the responsibilities that come with being a senior!)
(P.P.S. : Where do the knights in shining armour go when poor damsels like me (yeah, me!; why my friend even called me 'a lady' last night ;) ) are in distress (read, being mercilessly teased by friends)???)
(P.P.P.S. : I seem to be obsessed with pairing brackets wherever  I use them... even on a blogpost! - the effect of programming...)

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