Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My trysts with teaching (a brief rambling account)

Back when I was in Kindergarten, I used to be a great teacher. I was much firm yet gentle (and any other choice adjectives ;) ) with my dolls. But yeah, they were indeed a good lot ;) I never had to say more than one stern word, they'd all do their work...

(Family legend #43: It seems I'd do my allotted homework fifteen times or more in my dolls' notebooks, but it was next to impossible to get me to do it once in my own notebook :) )

My other trysts with teaching were due to my 'tuition students' and cousins. By the time I was in college, I'd become more a 'lucky' teacher than a good one. I used to teach a neighbour of mine, and how proud I felt when I held in my hands money I'd earned. But then, what actually used to happen was that she'd open her book and start working out the problems in it, and I'd just sit with her while she did them, and then put a small tick mark on the page.

With my cousins, I used to mark random problems from their books for them to work out. I'd clear their doubts when they had them (and I knew the answer!), but those weren't very frequent. And it used to turn out that when they got their exam question papers, more than half the paper would comprise the questions I'd asked them to work out...

Why, this even worked out in my college days, when I'd predict the questions on the morning of the exam, and enter the hall, only to find that I'd got more than half of it right, right down to the questions and their choices :) (The sad part was that seeing all the questions I'd predicted would give me a shock, and I'd end up wasting half the duration of the exam wondering at myself and my 'forecasting abilities', and trying to figure out if I had other psychic powers as well...)

Anyway, like Frost said, roads seem to be leading on to roads, and my post seems to be going nowhere, so I realize it's time to take leave of you... :)

Adios folks...

(P.S.: some of the memories came to my mind following a 'long' conversation I had with a certain friend of mine.)


  1. Nice Post :)
    My sister used to have these teaching thing going on when she had dolls to teach. I and my mother would try and stand silently outside the closed door to liisten what was going on inside. Most of the times, we would cover our mouths with our hands, trying not to laugh out loud!
    My mother used to have this 'prediction' thing too. :-)

  2. Thanks, Manu :) My brother and parents used to be tickled to death as well... More on that later... Thanks again...