Saturday, January 7, 2012

War of the lights

War of the lights. Yes, that's what happens at home every morning. And sometimes, in the evenings as well.

This morning was it happened again.

I am someone who hates switching on the tubelight, especially when there's bright sunlight streaming in. With the rest of the household, the day, or rather, the morning is incomplete sans the tubelight. Be it 7A.M., noon, 3P.M., the hand just goes automatically to the switch anytime they're near the switchboard. 

So, what happens is that someone would have turned the lights on. And then yours truly comes along, turns off the lights, opens the windows and goes. Someone else woureturn, turns the lights on and goes in on an errand. And I'd be back, turning them off again. The cycle continues. It repeats itself every day.

I don't know what, but there is something about having tubelights on during the day that just gives me a headache and makes me sick. (maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration,but you get my drift). Every time I go somewhere like that, my hand itches to turn off the lights. I really don't know the need for them in broad daylight. You need the lights on at midnight, yes, I understand. But at noon??? And in summer? Maybe I'm too dense to understand it. But it seriously pisses me off when people turn on switches just because they are there. But, wait, that's another rant which I'll save for later.

My folks have been speculating for some time that I'm a vampire, the kind that shies away from light. I'd have gone with the theory, only unfortunately (for me), vampires are now associated,not with Count Dracula (as I'd have liked), but with Edward Cullen.(Eeks! - apologies, but I just can't stand the sight or Pattinson, especially in the Twilight movies). Plus, there's the fact that I actually happen to love sunlight. It's only artificial lights  during the day that bothers me. But I love the sun and its light so much that I've sometimes gone for walks at noon (maybe craziness, rather than love for the sun, is the reason behind my noonwalks :) )

I thought I'd found kindred souls in a couple of my friends, but sadly, that wasn't the case... Maybe I'm an extreme case. Maybe I was born in the wrong era. Or whatever. 

It's time to go - I can see the light from the tubelight in the next room, and my fingers are itching to turn it off. So, adios, folks.


  1. Yeah.
    Nice One.
    We have one thing in common. I like sunlight, too. But only in the case of my room. I love my room in the natural light so much that I switch the lights on only by evening... around 7pm.
    Second thing is Edward Cullen.... I hate the guy. He was good in Harry Potter, though. Especially before he got killed!

  2. Thanks for the feedback.
    And the company :) One kindred soul at last!
    Oh, so some dead people come back as ghosts at Hogwarts, and others come as vampires elsewhere! Interesting!