Monday, January 9, 2012


Maiden century :)

At last. 100th post! Wow, now that is something. A milestone I wanted to reach before 2011 ended. But still, better late than never, as they say. 

I pondered upon what to write in this post. Many thoughts came into my mind, but unfortunately for me, my mind seems to be a sieve and the thoughts have left it. Alas...

And so, since I do not have anything particular to write about (not that that matters, as I end up rambling anyway), I think I'll just write about today. 

I woke up at, hold your breath, 4:30. Yes, A.M.!!! And made coffee, and woke my mother up with it! And being my clumsy self, ended up waking my aunt up as well, though not with coffee, but with the noise of a banging kitchen door :P As if that weren't miraculous enough, I even cooked. I made beans & vazhaikkai (it doesn't sound as good in English, sorry :) ), and a kuzhambu. (it was only when I reached the bus-stop that it struck me that I could have put some onions in it!) To cut a long story short, I did all this and got ready and managed to catch the first bus. I reached my lab at 8:40 A.M.!!! And did the most important job of the day - have my breakfast.

What's happening to this girl (yes, girl!), you may wonder. In fact, when I spoke to my brother, I asked him to guess when I'd woken up. Which he did almost right. He asked if I'd gone walking (or trekking, as I call it), and when I said no, he asked me if I'd actually vaasal-perukified & kolam-pottufied. Which refers to the rangoli at the doorstep. When I told him that even I could not imagine myself like one of those TV women, who wake up early and go around tulsi plants with their hair wrapped in a towel & in short, portray themselves as being the ideal women and ideal wives. Eeks. The mere idea of it! 

Anyway, my brother's theory is that I seem to be getting into "marriage mode". (He used some other term. But this is the essence.) Gosh!!! My mind boggles at the very idea. You see, I'm dreaming of being woken up with bed coffee (even bed tea would do ;) ), then being pampered with breakfast, lunch and dinner. And more. And yeah, there are quite a few eligible candidates out there. The rest can be trained :P 

And now, to let you in on the real reason behind all this : I'd woken up early to study. S-t-u-d-y. As I'd been putting it off for a very long time. And did this morning as well :) I ended up trying to do anything, including cooking, to get away from my books. I really wish I get the mood to study - they seem to come by about once an year, which isn't really for the best, given the course of study I'm in now.

So, now the cat's out of the bag. 

And my friend must be out of Bong-land. Sigh! Still, as he said he'd be bringing me a Bong Boy, I shall leave to prepare for tomorrow. 

P.S. : My trekking experiences coming up.
P.P.S. : There will be some guest posts here. Well, at least one, hopefully...
P.P.S. : I-man, beware. Post on you coming up. Maybe. And maybe something more to do with PM. 

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