Thursday, January 12, 2012



I think I should go back to learning addition! What I thought was my 100th post was not actually the hundredth... I still have posts and posts to write before that milestone comes into sight!

I'd just blindly followed the count on my Blogger dashboard, and there seem to be plenty of drafts and half-written posts lying in there, contributing to the tally.
My mistake, folks.

Sorry. I sincerely apologize.

And to show you that my apology is genuine, here are a couple of links...

I used to blog here once upon a time. (My brother still teases me about some of my posts there. And sometimes I can't believe I actually wrote something like I did. But still, it's who I was back then...)

And I got started with this new blog, but of late I seem to be doing only brief book reviews there.


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