Thursday, January 12, 2012

The 'Dirty' Post

I'd just started reading a novel I bought recently, when I came across a line which said :
"I then realized I was out of toilet paper. And then I did the Hindu and used a bucket of water to wash myself..." (I think I got it almost right, but as I quote from memory, I might not have written it word for word, but it retains the (err...) essence of the author's writing.)

I still cannot fathom what religion has to do with using water or paper after answering Nature's call. If the author had written "Eastern" or even "Indian" or "uncivilized", or "savages" or some such thing, I can at least try to understand that he is under the illusion that we still live in the Stone Age, and, actually use water for such cleaning purposes. I can believe that people are misinformed, and we often do make assumptions about people and places based on what we've heard or read. But even so, this was a first on me.

Oh, and this opens up a new line of thought for classification of people. Maybe when people look for accommodation, they'll be asked whether they are water-users or paper-users. This makes me think of asking people to state their gender. Maybe, in the author's world, forms would have two boxes, of which you have to tick one. The options would be "the Hindu (water), others(paper)"...

Gosh! I better stop now...

I wanted to do this post earlier, but didn't want to make my 100th post about sh*t... I remembered one of my earliest posts and reading this too makes me feel I'm getting a dirty mind :)

And today, as I was programming, I just realized what I'd been doing :

Sorry if you don't get the reference...

I better leave now before things get dirtier!

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