Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ramble on

"Ramble on"... So, here goes, obeying Led Zep's words :

I just thought I'd ramble on... And, maybe get my life back in order...

I had an exam today, and for once, I didn't have the jitters. And, I also bought a Sportstar. I think that the couple I went and sat down next to (having gone more than an hour early!), didn't know what to make of me :) The guy, at least, seemed to be lost - what do you make of a girl who suddenly comes and sits next to you and starts eating her breakfast while reading a Sportstar??? Poor fellow, he decided it was easier for him to just turn to the other side...

Why is it that I remember all old and long-forgotten songs suddenly in the middle of an exam? I was trying to solve an equation, and suddenly my mind starts singing!!! And then, there was this guy sitting next to me - he reminded me of an old friend, and so I was thinking that he'd clear the exam, my mind starts singing "Grow old along with me!!!" (Maybe the fact that he looked like a kid had something to do with the 'grow old' coming up!) Am going crazy, methinks... (psst!!! Don't mention this to any of my close friends, they'll tell you I'm already there ;) )

Talking of old songs, I recently felt good after managing to sneak in a BSB line into one of my posts :D But I felt I hadn't done justice to my friend - and so, poor him now merits a soppy Princess Diaries style dialogue - "Thanks, for hearing me when I was silent!!!" That's just what he did, did AJ - when a guy takes time out to talk to you when there is a really beautiful girl around, it shows you that Mankind isn't all that bad. ;)

"And now it's time to go" (as the PF song goes :P )

And stock up my list of soppy dialogues for future use (I just got my hands on a collection of books my mother and her sisters used to read way back when they were just finishing school, when there weren't enough libraries around!)

Looking forward to a brand new week ahead - maybe this will the week when I get to take up AJ's football offer, the week when I finally make my room habitable, the week when I actually study (big joke, that!), the week I finally get my guitar classes going, the week where I meet PM after ages... and a whole lot more ;)

"That's it,folks!"

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