Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Chronicles of Courage - Part two

When I wrote this post, I didn't expect another test of courage to come so soon :)

A couple of days ago, some of us had planned a trip to the famous 'Mushroom rock' on our campus. Despite having been here for a long time, I hadn't yet had a chance to be there.

Morning dawned fine, and on top of that, I found back my favourite football t-shirt. The day passed pleasantly, and evening came at last. We had planned to start around 5 P.M., but you know what happens to even the best laid plans... It was finally 6 P.M. when we set out.

Our friend N, who's also a philosopher ;), was now our guide. The walk was really enjoyable. And then came up the issue of how we were going - whether we were willing to jump a wall and be spared walking almost 2 kms. We decided to jump the wall. I just said yes, thinking it would be a small wall, like the ones I used to jump over many years ago. (The shortest path to my best friend's house was jumping a wall, so naturally I gained some experience ;) ) And then, when I came to the wall, I managed to get on to it with the help of my friend A. I looked down, and the ground seemed a long way away. T was already on the ground, and told me to just jump. And jump I did. Thankfully I landed safely on my feet.

Having walked a bit further, we finally reached our destination. I had never even imagined that this was the kind of rock I wanted to climb - it looked pretty scary to me, there not being any proper foothold or grip for the hands. N's first attempt at climbing failed, and he fell down. My fears increased tenfold seeing it. But he just got up, dusted himself and went on to climb again. This attempt was successful. He helped two of the others climb up. When my turn came, I was still hesitating. I didn't have the guts to climb - I didn't want to break any bones.

After some cajoling, I finally managed to climb up with the help of my friends. (I know their shoulders must be hurting from the burden of almost lifting me up - not that I'm heavy or anything, just, you know, erm... the effect of trying to do a job against the effect of gravity.

Once I was up, I enjoyed the breeze and the panoramic view. And of course, watching T refusing to climb this rock where we all were. When it was finally time to leave, I realized that getting down was also a Herculean task. But I managed it. With a little help from my friends. :)

We then dined together before going our separate ways.

 I was glad to have overcome my fears. Thanks to the special people I call my friends. Thank you, A, T, S, S & N, for lending me a helping hand (literally!!!). And for a wonderful experience.

And before I end, I should mention one more little incident to justify the title of this post - while we were waiting for dinner, there was a tiny grasshopper on our table. Right in front of me. I wouldn't have even noticed it if it hadn't been for T!!! It slowly started scratching itself. As I tried to calm myself down, it slowly turned away from me. And finally, when our dinner arrived, we decided to change tables. And the grasshopper decided to leave as well - it just jumped away. And I happy to realize that I was slowly overcoming my fears of various members of the Insect Family.

That's it for now... Adios!

Some photos :

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