Monday, June 6, 2011

Open letter to FedEx

Hey Mr.Federer,

How could you?

For starters, I don't even understand tennis fully, but still sat and watched the match for the sole purpose of seeing you win. And then, since you started playing well as I just flipped open a Harley Davidson brochure, I was obliged to sit in that posture for nearly two hours till rain interrupted play. Two hours... With not even a picture to look at or anything to read.... How long can you keep reading "Live to ride, ride to live"??? And then, we were so happy to see you win the third set. Then what happened to you, we never knew...

Well, we were really disappointed.... Almost everyone I knew was supporting you, except for a couple of people. But still...

Anyway, let bygones be bygones.

We wish you luck for the future.


(P.S. : I thought I'd finally learnt the game, only to realize that I was wrong :) Everytime I cried Ace, I was told it was a Fault, and when I called it a Fault, I was told it was an Ace. Some confusing game it is...)

Thanks to GK for the format

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