Friday, June 10, 2011


After a very long time, I spoke to my friend V yesterday. Of late, we've both been busy with our lives (he busier than me). And just almost drifted out of touch. I just pinged him suddenly, and he replied! I was happy, and then he told me that our mutual friend L was getting married yesterday. And that almost effectively cut out any thoughts of continuing the conversation. For, you see, V had been crazy about her since school days. Later, they both started going out with the mutual consent of their families. And suddenly, I came to know that things were no longer hunky-dory between them, and now they were not even on talking terms. V was shattered. I could see the change - he'd been so happy earlier, and now he was almost like a zombie. He gradually got better, but still, it must have been a real blow to him that L was getting married to someone else.

V has been a pillar of strength to me at times. There have been times when he could just understand what I was talking about, and of course, I don't have to mention the sensible advice he gave me (which naturally I didn't follow (Apologies,V ;) ). Talking of V, he just suddenly gave me the news that he was going on an official visit to Cochin. Which is what I was going to write about here, before I got lost in other stuff. And, so, I asked V if there were any temporary part-time openings in his office, but he said no, even he was barely there,so until they kicked him out, there wouldn't be an opening. And so I offered him my services as a P.A., without even a salary - I said I'd be satisfied with a ticket on a Kingfisher flight. (V was travelling second class on a train...). But he refused. (Wonder what's wrong with him!!!)

Another friend of mine, his name also happens to be start with a V(!!), had just told me he was going to Trivandrum. And V's trip to Cochin on top of this!! Why does everyone seem to be headed to Kerala? (Without me, which is the more important question!!) And why do they have to inform me and make me jealous?

The day had one more thing to do with Kerala - my friend A told me that I'd be marrying a Mallu guy. (That he said so because I could identify a few letters of Malayalam does not matter ;) ). When I told this to my parents, they said, "Ok, if your friend has said so, then it must be true...". I also mentioned it to V, and he said he could see how happy I was!!! And he called it a bond made in my previous birth! (If he could feel me "blushing" over an STD line, then he sure must have been able to sense my "happiness" over an internet cable!)

And so I end this post, to go back to my dreams ;)

(And hope that my dreams do come true!!!)

P.S. : Do half-mallus count too???

P.P.S. : I can almost hear my best friend G slapping his forehead in exasperation and deciding that he'd be better off in heaven than in any place where I am :) I, for one, know he has had enough of me and my dreams :P

* - Apologies for yet another truly terrible title - looks like Ekta Kapoor isn't the only one with a fascination for K.... The K here is Kerala, FYI...

(This was written two days earlier, but could not be posted earlier)

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